Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy birthdays bro

Today is my older and venerable brother’s 80th birthday.

In August my other older and venerable brother turned 78. 

I am pleased to report that they are both well and have all of their mental faculties.

The Australian government makes them both very unhappy – but then it does this to young people as well. They are actually fortunate because I have both the Australian and US political systems to contend with and at any given moment am fretting about something that is going on somewhere in either country.   

I am of course much younger than my brothers – and arguably much better looking – although I admit that I have less hair.  

I do love them both dearly despite the unspeakable things they did to me when I was a small child. I cannot remember any of these things - but am sure they happened because I have seen movies about what older brothers do to younger brothers.

It has been said that we all look like garden gnomes. I have put a photo on the blog so you can judge for yourselves.


  1. A fine looking group of brothers, all 4 of you.

  2. What a crew of four. You have outlasted The Beatles by a 4:2 ratio so far, keep up the good work.

  3. Can't help but to notice the similarly awesome fashion sense you all have =D.

  4. fmcgmccllc: Thank you. We are thinking of having our own reality TV show.

    esb: I am astonished at the number of my peers who i have outlasted.

    Keegan88: We are all dressed by the Salvation Army.