Saturday, September 13, 2014

I used to think stuff like this was weird

Hunter Valley NSW
We had a hot week - but on Friday fall arrived. The trees are turning and the squirrels are hastily gathering the last nuts to store before winter arrives.

Actually the squirrels are sitting on their fat asses eating the corn that I put out for them. Except that they do not seem to eat it. Yesterday I put a corn cob on the spike on the squirrel house deck and they stripped it bare – but left all the corn in a pile on the deck.

Antonio finished painting the living room ceiling and we are now ready for the next deluge.

To celebrate the impeding project completion Sissi peed – twice – on the cardboard that Antonio had put down for paint protection. He took this in his stride and just worked his way around it.

Javier came yesterday to install the lights Cate had bought for the back deck. He is very good at this sort of thing and did it without fuss. His assistant – Jake – said that his parents owned a plant nursery and he told me that I could eat the flowers in the pot on the deck table. I said I would have them for dinner.  

Meantime in Indiana – in Indiana a school has completed its preparations for a potential massacre. All the classrooms have been equipped with reinforced doors. There is a direct line to the police in every classroom. The corridors are equipped with nozzles that can spray tear gas onto lunatics with assault weapons.

I used to think stuff like this was weird.  


  1. And Australia's terrorist alert is now high. The time's they are a-changing.
    Meanwhile, on a less stressful note, re Sissi's peeing: I bought some stuff called Feliway spray which one sprays on things in an effort to stop cats peeing. Bruce definitely pees less, when I remember to spray it. Has something ?pheromones? in it to calm them down, or something. Might be worth a shot anyway. Happy days. Birds in next post... promise.

  2. The Indiana you describe is seriously weird, Badger!
    And poor Sissi clearly needs to visit an animal therapist. I'm sure there's one in Indianapolis - have you consulted the Yellow Pages?

  3. Ain't there no cat whisperers around in Indianopolis?

    Bad news for this year's Halloween celebrations: There's not ghost but the holy ghost, according to a sign on a church fence here in Charleston, SC.

  4. "No ghost" instead of "not ghost" ;-)

  5. Glad you are getting stuff organized and around. Sissi is fine, she just needs to find her footing, so to speak.

    She probably needs some extra hugs and squishes.

  6. If squirrels like corn, I wonder if they would like popcorn.