Thursday, May 1, 2014

He is not half a bee

Eric – son of Deckman - is beavering away on the back deck.  He is a very careful and skilled carpenter and I like watching him work. He is the type of workman I always wanted to be but instead I have gone through my entire life without being able saw a piece of wood in a straight line or drive a nail in properly.

This has often been as source of concern to me – in days gone by – when I used to build things like bookcases and rabbit hutches. None of the things I built would have found a home in a furniture store – but perhaps could have been installations in the naïf section of the Tate Modern.

I really like  like cedar and when Eric has gone home for the day I go out and sniff it for a while.

I am still researching wood stain and have cast my net far and wide. Deckman was right about painting it almost immediately – because it is cedar. If it was not cedar we would need to leave it to weather for some months.

John and Antonio are here today installing a TV in the bedroom.

As with most other things – this has become a complicated exercise and John has to build a special frame to fit inside the hole which was made for the TV – but which in  fact is much to small – given that our bedroom is about 15 meters long. With a TV of the size the hole was made for we would need binoculars.

Tonite I am making a cauliflower and chickpea curry. I have done this once before and it was about 7/10. I have thought of some improvements to bring it up to a more acceptable 9/10.


  1. I think you're being too hard on yourself ! Your Guinea pig, Rabbit hutches and book shelves were very good though what I remember most was the excellent sandpit at Becky Ave. It was elevated with ledges to stand on and provided us with many fun hours building smurf villages in the sand.

  2. A fifteen meter bedroom?!?!?!? I think Sony makes an 85 inch 4K teleBision, that should do. I think they are only $25,000.

    I just got finished watching a great Finnish movie about Nazis on the moon. Available on Netflix in the comedy section. "Iron Sky" from 2012. I had never heard of this movie. It has a Sarah Palin looking person playing the president.

  3. KP: Perhaps my memory has been dulled by the passage of time. I am not sure I could do it now.

    esb: I measured it - it's only 12 meters. The movie sounds fabulous - I will have a look.

  4. I loved your photo of Austria, it reminds me of landscape paintings by Grant Wood.