Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No it's a real squirrel


Cate told me this morning that I had to take the squirrel feeder off the tree because – clearly – the squirrels were not going to use it.

I begged for an extension as my confidence remained undimmed – and I just knew that our squirrels – while perhaps not being intellectually gifted – were going to stumble across it sooner or later.

Real squirrel
Stuffed squirrel
I was rewarded an hour or so later by the sight of a squirrel sitting on the feeder eating the corn. Bless his/her little heart. I took a (very bad) photo of this happy event and sent it to Cate.

She says it is a set up and that I have put a stuffed squirrel on the feeder and taken a blurry photo to attempt to mislead her. So I am eagerly awaiting the next visit. 

I wonder where she thinks I would get a stuffed squirrel.

Amazon of course. $9.17 plus tax. 


  1. As Simon would say, *Ahahahaha* - and I am *rofl*.

  2. Now you have me thinking Louisiana style Duck Dynasty thoughts of stuffed squirrel for Thanksgiving.

  3. Thanks for making me laugh - I needed that!!

  4. Merisi: The little blighter was back there today and I still could not get a shot.

    esbboston: My squirrels are very small - you would need a whole mess of them.

    Alexia: My pleasure

    fmcgmccllc: IT never ceases to amaze me.