Tuesday, May 27, 2014

They do not gallop along

One of our new friends at the Indy 500
Things don’t move as slowly here as they did in Vienna – but they do not gallop along either.

I had my hearing at the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission today and my fried Meg - we know each other well by now - said that she was happy with the concept but had some concerns about the roof.

So the deck builder – my friend Ralph – we know each other really well – will talk to Meg in a day or so and perhaps before many more moons pass we will have a continuation of work on the deck.

In the meantime I have almost daily contact with Brigit and Dave from the air conditioning company. I know these two far too well.

I told them that the top of the house was now uninhabitable and we really needed some action.

Dave said he got the parts from the parts company but one was broken and had to be sent back. He hopes the new one will arrive soon – and unbroken. So do we.

Tonite we went to a meeting of the Herron Morton Land Use Committee to discuss Kevin’s plans for the vacant block next to ours. We are not ecstatic about Kevin’s plans for the block but can live with it – particularly as he is going to plant more hicks yews.

But I did make a new friend this week. The house over the road was finished a month or so ago.  It was built by my mate Anton – and I met the man who bought it – whose name is Phillip and who works for Ducky Pharma. Can you beat it!

Today I also met Merrilly who lives in the apartments just down the road. She bit me for $5 for bus fare to go to a job interview – or buy beer – it doesn’t really matter what it was for as she seemed like a very nice lady and was deserving of my help.

She asked God to bless me – which he did – as I did not die while I was mowing the lawn – although I gave it a nudge because it was so hot the squirrels were gallivanting under the sprinkler.


  1. Vienna seems to be a hardship post for expats. ;-)

  2. Merisi: That is why they paid Cate danger money.

  3. Your 'Phillip finds friends' was fun. I just don't have as many squirrel sightings in the last two years as before. I do have a meeting to attend shortly, new designs, new customers.