Friday, May 16, 2014

Yes they are real

Cate has been using my car for the last few days as I had to get one of her tires fixed. 

It developed a slow leak and when I took it to Audi the man said that there was a nail in the tire – but that it was in a position where they could not patch it – so we would need a new tire – no surprises there.

Sadly (also no surprise) they did not have one in stock. So she drove my car for a few days – and remarked rather unkindly that it was ‘gutless’.

Clearly unsuited for her 8 minute drive to work - which apparently requires a 6 cylinder turbocharged monster. 

Although I must say it is a joy to drive on the Interstates.

One photo shows a real squirrel on the squirrel feeder. The other photo shows that the clever little blighter has found that the top to the feeder opens – to reveal untold treasures.


  1. My (late) Canadian brother-in-law used to describe them as giant rats, with longer fur. They are cute, though!

  2. I love the smell of brand new tires in the morning.

  3. Up here on the High Plains we have prairie dogs to watch.

  4. You're so good to your squirrels! I really need to get a little house like that for ours.

  5. They are so cute !!!
    So glad I finally managed to find a way to leave a comment - I have been wanting to comment on a few of your posts but the comment block wouldn't open up - but I've worked it out now !!
    Have the best day !

  6. feeding the squirrels?! In many places that is illegal, because they are considered vermin, rats with fluff. If you encourage them, they will not only not leave the bird feeders alone, they will multiply. Soon they will be mugging you as you walk out to the car. They will grab grocery bags right out of your hands.

  7. fmcgmccllc: We just love them.

    Alexia: Ours are very small - and very cute.

    esb: They smell

    esb: I would like to see a Prarie dog.

    SK Waller: It make sit a lot of fun to watch them.

    Me: Well done. You have a good day too.

    NanU: They are too small for that. If necessary I will carry a tennis racquet and volley them over the fence.