Friday, November 2, 2012

we over-sampled the local wine

We are in South Styria which is a truly lovely part of Austria. The hotel is fabulous and has lots of local wine.

We have a bar fridge with 6 bottles of wine and there is a wine cabinet in the hallway in case people get thirsty.

Last night we went to Abels which as almost impossible to find – but well worth the visit. I had my first ever meal of pheasant.

When we got back to the hotel we sat in the lobby and read the newspapers on our iPads – whilst sampling some fine Sauvignon Blanc from Tscheppe.

Unfortunately we over-sampled – in spades – so were practically useless today and just loafed about.

But we are right in the middle of the wine growing district so have big plans for tomorrow.


  1. I stiLL remember my aunt's pheasant and asparagus meal from my May 2007 visit to South Dakota, fabulous. That was a most beautiful autumnal photograph on your blog post! Tamie thought it was wonderful, too. I blew it up to fuLL size.

  2. Out of this world picture, Badger!!!!
    I hope you have both recovered and are enjoying yourselves.

  3. Love that photo. Glad I don't have your hangover...

  4. I had some of the best and least expensive wine in Graz.

    Very nice picture.

  5. Fantastic photo ! Hope you are feeling a bit better today !
    Have a good one !

  6. esb: I will try it again! No I won't shoot my own.

    Merisi: Thank M High praise indeed. We are fully recovered.

    Sandy: Thanks All better now.

    fmcgmccllc: They make some wonderful wine in Austria - and thanks

    Me: Thanks

  7. I can just about feel the headaches from here:-)

  8. Annie: Mine was a killer - but I am OK now.