Thursday, November 15, 2012

They are just too silly

It was such a fabulous day in Vienna today that I just had to take a picture out of the kitchen window. I also had to go and photograph the Ducks.

I am not sure how many photos of Stadtpark and the Ducks I have but certainly many thousands.

So Cate had this bee in her bonnet about seeing the new James Bond movie. I just don’t know why – she has never seen any of the others – but I put it down to the publicity campaign. She might have also read a review which said it was much better than the last two.

She wanted to see it when we were in London but it was not due to commence until the day after we left – so I promised her that I would take her when it got to Vienna one day.  

That day – unfortunately - arrived last weekend.

I have an aversion to going to the movies because it is not my idea of how to watch a movie.

I don’t find sitting in a cinema with 200 other people – all of whom are either surfing, texting, yawning, coughing, scratching, farting or eating – much fun. Eating is inevitable and usually done in conjunction with one or more of the other options.

I would much rather sit in the comfort of our lounge room – with our big screen TV – and a couple of cats – and in winter even a fire.  We do after all have 20 movies channels together with 175 normal channels plus iTunes for movies and TV series.

And sure there may be someone surfing, texting, yawning, coughing, scratching, farting or eating – but it will be one of us.

So we went and it was entirely as I expected – except that they now sell popcorn in much bigger containers than I have even seen. They are the size of buckets and must hold 20 litres.

Haydn cinema in Vienna has introduced a new and grisly horror – crunchy corn chips with salsa.

Whereas you can only hear the sound of popcorn being munched for about three rows – you can hear the corn chips being crunched from 100 metres away.

And the movie? It did not meet Cate’s expectations. She said it was too long and was not very good.

I agree. But then I have seen every Bond movie and I have yet to give any one of them more than 7/10. They are just too silly.


  1. My Wifey is a Non-Bond person. I agree to watching at home where you are in control of a pause button and reasonably priced -quiet- food and drink. I am off to deliver a holiday cake to the diner for the employees who take good care of me. Here is my conversation with the waitress yesterday:

    I told my waitress that I was planning on bringing German Chocolate Cake to the diner for the holidays for the employees tomorrow. She told me what time she was leaving tomorrow so I could make sure she would get some. I asked her if she liked GCCake and she replied, "Isn't it unAmerican to dislike German Chocolate Cake?" - I laughed and told her that was the funniest thing I had heard all day but then again, I had mainly been listening to myself.

  2. I don't often go to the movies and I don't think Jim has been since we saw The Lord of the Rings. We hate the over-amplification and totally agree with your feelings about eating, etc.

    Give us a rugby match on the TV at home and we're happy!

    Esbboston: I'm not American but I do like chocolate cake - not necessarily German though :-)

  3. "Vienna for Dummies" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  4. esb:I hope German Chocolate cake is better Sacher Torte which is very much overrated. than

    Annie: Cate is not so happy with Rugby- or indeed any sport at all.

    Jerry: Thanks

  5. Am I imagining things? Did I see you at the pub, or did I not???

  6. Merisi: I may have a Doppelgänger!