Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It is not all gloom and doom

More vineyards in Styria

Finally election day is here.

I have refrained from any comment at all in the last six months – but now that the big day has arrived I thought I would say something.

It actually doesn’t matter who wins because it will be a massive goat fuck for the next four years whoever is President.

It would probably be better if Romney won because unless he does so the Republicans will continue the ‘scorched earth’ policy of the last two years and fight tooth and nail against every single piece of Obama legislation.

They have demonstrated clearly that they would much rather destroy the  economy than allow President Obama to pass any job creation legislation – or indeed any legislation at all.

The Democrats are unlikely to be so intransigent if Romney is President  - they have shown that they lack the killer instinct of the Republicans.

Indeed President Obama squandered his first two years in office and has rolled over every time he has been held to ransom by the Republicans. 

The problem with Governor Romney is that – apart from giving tax cuts to the rich and to corporates – cutting social security payments – trashing the environment - destroying health care reform - repressing women and gays  – and of course bombing Iran – he does not seem to have any policies to get the economy going faster than it is.

He says he will do a better job than Obama but has not said how.

Let’s hope he does have some plans up his sleeve because if he actually does what he has said he will do about tax and budgets cuts then I see a great deal of pain on the horizon for America.

On the other hand – if President Obama does get reelected we can look forward to four years of nothing happening at all.

On the bright side – SKY has started a 24 hour a day Christmas movie channel just to prepare us for the festivities ahead.

And – some really good news – Pizzeria Grado next door has gone ‘non smoking’ so we can start going there to eat.

See – it is not all gloom and doom. 


  1. I am glad you are getting a smokeless pizza place. I usuaLLy have mine delivered, as Cooper enjoys it so much, and Tamie does not.

    Yes, it is an interesting time here. I have been an opponent of the electoral college ever since I found out about it. This election in particular shows the weakness in a system where the campaign focus has been on a few states in the finale. I think Obama failed with Afghanistan as weLL escalating a war that he promised to end while ironicaLLy receiving a Nobel Peace Prize of questionable merit. The main thing that has grown in my life is my pineapple plantation, as I discovered a sixth plant growing from the side of the oldest one. Life is sweet, especiaLLy near my back door jungle, with the orchid popping out new leaves and a branch. So blossoms are a few weeks away.

  2. All Christmas movies all the time would eventually make me run screaming in the streets.

    Election is a crapshoot so far this morning, the real problems are going to stem from our state and local proposals.

    Hard to believe they are still smoking in restaurants in Austria, one of the main reasons I quit is you can't smoke anywhere anymore. Even India and Mexico are very restricted. In Mexico you cannot smoke anywhere on the hotel property, think its a Crowne Plaza.

  3. There are many sucky election systems in this world, but the American one takes the cake. Or the pecan pie.

  4. Why do Pineapples blossom in Autumn?

    fmcgmccllc: Austria is the last bastion of smoking in Western Europe.

    Alexia: How can it be so difficult?

  5. Jerry: Easy to see - easy to say.