Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Celebrating Obama's win

I have had a delicious morning reading the US newspapers on my iPad.

I will enjoy watching FOX today as they underdo a brief period of sadness before they gird their loins – bathe themselves in venom – sharpen their fangs - and  start their next four year ‘trash the President’ campaign.

Cate asked me for a prediction a few days ago and reminded me that I had accurately picked the winner in every Australian Federal and State election – together with the US Presidential election - since she met me 22 years ago.

This was a heavy burden to bear but I  boldly predicted that President Obama would be reelected - but that it would be close.

Well I was wrong there. He came home in a canter.

So – based on my prediction – Cate spent the last few days telling her colleagues in the USA – who are of course all Republicans in a red state – that they were going to lose.

She copped a lot of flak for this but has proved to be victorious and has had some melancholy emails today.

I asked Mrs. Moneypenny today if she was happy about the result and she said that she was not. Why? I enquired.

Because – she said – he is a Muslim and an unbeliever so how could he lead America.

She had apparently read this somewhere – and believed it. Which is hardly surprising  for a Latvian living in Vienna - given that about 30% of Republicans living in America believe the same thing.

I am guessing that a large number of these watch FOX which has been peddling this trash for five years.

I was able to disabuse her of this notion and assure her that America was in strong Christian hands and was still one Nation under (the real) God.

Some more good news for me today was that

In Wisconsin, Representative Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay candidate to secure a Senate seat with her defeat of former Gov. Tommy Thompson, a Republican.
Maine and Maryland made history Tuesday, becoming the first states in which voters legalized same-sex marriage.
Holy Toledo
Perhaps there is hope for America after all.


  1. After traveling more than 2,000 miles during the last thee weeks, talking to Americans from all walks of life, the results are even better than I would have dared hope.

  2. Plus 3 states legalized gay marriage and in Colorado pot is now legal. Wish I still lived there and not in the redneck butthole state of Oklahoma, who voted away DHS (which provides food stamps, gives benefits to people who take in foster children, and other necessary things--sorry elderly, young, and infirm). On the bright side, we can now enjoy a glass of wine with Sunday dinner in restaurants.

    Life in the Bible Belt goes on.

  3. I had fun making my map. I am just so glad its over! They spent aLL that money campaigning in just Ohio, that they would have had better luck simply paying people to move there to vote - "Vote Gypsies".

  4. Merisi: I agree much better than I expected given the interviews I have seen with people from red states.

    SK Waller: Wow - Oklahoma is really moving ahead!

    esb: We could have saved a lot of money by not having an election - given that things are the same as when we started.

  5. I was very, very worried about this election. Though, I officially live in a Red State now, and a horrible GOP asshat was elected Governor, I am quite pleased with the election.

    20% of the Senate is now female. Same-sex marriage proposals were approved in multiple States and so was marijuana.

    I'm really hoping the GOP regroups and splits from the crazies. It's not good for any of us.

  6. smedette: The GOP will never get elected unless it modifies its stance on some key issues.