Monday, November 5, 2012

It tends to bring us out in a rash

The next day we were much improved and were able to get about a bit and see the countryside.

We have yet to find a part of Austria that is not like a picture postcard – but Styria is special indeed.

There are hundreds of wineries but we visited only one - to buy some of our very favourite wine. This was Erwin Sabathi  who makes some sensational Austrian white wines including our very favourite - Sauvignon Blanc Merveilleux.

This is a bit expensive but is nectar of the gods.
We were extremely circumspect with our tasting – and really only did a bit of sniffing and licking.

Other than that we spent a lot of time loafing about.

This week we have a visitor who we have not yet met.

Lulu is the daughter of a blogging friend who lives in the USA. She is passing through Vienna so we have offered to put her up in our apartment for a couple of days – and show her a few sights.

She has of course been put though a stringent vetting program and has passed with flying colours. 

She is a liberal – an atheist – and likes cats. What more could we ask for.

This is not to say that we do not accommodate Christians, Republicans and people who do not like cats – indeed we have had all of these with us in the past – and we have all survived the experience.

The cats are particularly fond of people who do not like them - especially if they can make them sneeze and itch. 

The only requirement in these instances is no public prayer and no discussion of the perceived merits of the Bush presidency. This tends to bring us out in a rash. 


  1. Cats always know. As I am a dog person my son's cats were divided, Noir loved rubbing my legs and getting treats. Eliot hated me and would only take the treats if I left them on the floor and walked away.

    Good on the wine.

  2. I am in the veRy middle of planning my loafing at this eXact minute. But my loaf-ing involves making pumpkin loafs.

  3. Today's photo reminds me of some of the landscapes of the painter Grant Wood (most famous for American Gothic).

  4. We made one of our standard loaves this morning. It's ready for our small two-person Melbourne Cup party this arvo...

    Not long until we can hear something different from electioneering from the US. Just hope the right (or should that be left?) people go and vote.

  5. fmcgmccllc: Yes cats do always know - I wonder if there has been any scientific work done on that?

    esb: Pumpkin loafs sounds like they would be terrific!

    esb: I know exactly what you mean. I think American Gothic was on display in Vienna last year.

    Annie: Hope you had a nice party.