Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is it just me?

Last Friday I bought a new iPad from the Apple online store in Austria.

I had an old steam driven iPad 2 and this was so 2011 that I was nearly dying of embarrassment.

So on Monday TNT rang me to say it was ready to be delivered and I could have it the next day – I could choose between 8 am -1pm or 1pm - 5pm

I chose between 8am to 1 pm - and to no surprise at all it did not arrive. Nor did it arrive in the afternoon.

TNT rang at 7.30 am on Wednesday to say that the delivery man had forgotten the packet the previous day.

Forgotten the packet?

Did he forget all his packets or just mine? Perhaps he set off with an empty truck and just cruised around all day wondering why things were so quiet.

Anyway – they said that I could have it on Wednesday and I said I was going out at 11 and they would have to deliver it by then – which they promised to do as a special matter because they had let me down the previous day.

Of course they did not.

I rang them later in the day and they said the delivery man was too busy in the morning but I could have it in the afternoon.

Well it eventually arrived.

On Thursday TNT rang to say they had a delivery for me from Apple and I said I had already had one and was not expecting another.

(Shriek! Did I order 2 iPads?).         

They insisted and said they would deliver the next morning – which of course they did not. After all – it is hard to deliver something that does not exist.

So I (groan) rang them again and after a significant amount of farnarkling they agreed that they probably did not have a package for me.

I wonder if it was just me or if all their deliveries are like this.


  1. Definitely on-e off my fav-or-ite deliv-error-y st-or-ies. The iPad life is a wonderful one, once you get past the guess-tation peri-odd and birthing process.

  2. If they insist on a repeat performance, simply give TNT my address. ;-)

    I refrain from saying that in my part of town things get delivered when promised. Oopsie ....

  3. I know I shouldn't be laughing at your misfortune / inconvenience but that is just such a classic ! And so reminiscent of deliveries in South Africa only over there we were REALLY REALLY happy if they arrived at all never mind on a specific day ! I reckon there are plenty of posties wandering around with empty trucks / vans / postie bags over there still - there must be a place where all the uncollected parcels go and they hand them out to whoever asks at some point in the future.
    Have the best day and ENJOY your new iPad !

  4. esb: Can't imagine like without it.

    Merisi: Next time they call me I will give them your number.

    Me: The posties here are really good - I think it is just TNT that is bad.