Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weight loss is guaranteed

Well it did not snow here and snowed only a tiny bit in Washington but United was not satisfied with this so on the way to Washington delayed our flight four times and it left four hours late.

The icing on the cake was standing next to the plane in the freezing cold waiting for our bags. They are carry on bags but on small planes you have to surrender them just before you get on the plane and reclaim then when it lands.

But the trip home was doddle – and on both legs we were upgraded to first class. This does not mean much but it meant I could sit at the front of the plane and have lime in my soda.

The crazy TSA approved system was in full cry and on the way there I was approved and Cate was not. Being approved means that you do not have to take your shoes and belt off.

On the way home Cate was TSA approved and I was not. Stuff like this no longer surprises or bothers us.

We had an excellent time in Washington and ate lots of Turkey. I also drank wine for the first time in about seven weeks and managed not to fall over.

Last week I weighed myself for the first time since before I went into hospital. I had lost 10 pounds. I am writing a book ‘Brain surgery weight loss tricks’. It is a scary and expensive way to do it – but weight loss is guaranteed.


  1. Well my friend, I hope you don't feel as if you need another crash weight-loss programme anytime soon!

  2. Airlines, TSA and air travel are all so bizarre now that it seems bizarre is normal. Now everytime I get a headache, which was rare for me I think of Badger and weird things growing in my brain.

  3. I needed a good laugh today, thanks. Luckily we chose not to fly this year versus last year, to Houston, and I think it paid off. It was actuaLLy warmer here in northern Texas versus Houston quite a bit while we were gone.

  4. Alexia: I still need to lose a couple of pounds - but will find another way.

    fmcgmccllc: One should enter a catatonic state when arriving anat. airport and let the horror wash over them.

    esbboston: It is always a good idea not to fly - anytime.