Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We are not worried

I am thankful to my son Lenny for providing me with details of the ‘Durkey’. This satisfies the need for the Thanksgiving turkey – and the lust for hot dogs.  I told him all it needed was bacon.

I won’t need to do it this year because we are going to visit Cate’s brother in Virginia. I spoke to my infectious diseases doctor and he said I can finish the yellow gunk on the day before Thanksgiving – which is when we fly out.

I can at last get the PICC removed from my arm and have a proper shower.

And – I will be allowed to have a drink for the first time since 8 October. I will do this in a prone position because I imagine I will lapse into unconsciousness after one glass of Pouilly-Fuissé.

It has snowed  bit and the last few days we have been ball tearers as far as coldness is concerned. The low today is 8° which is 30° below average. Monika spends most of her time perched on the heating vents – and I do put the fire on for her at night.

The big news here is that Cate is going to let me drive on the weekend AND go down to the basement – supervised of course.

I am not allowed out today because the paths are too icy and I may fall and kill myself. This would be  a great shame after the enormous amount of money spent to save my life – and particularly for those whose bills I have not yet paid.

I met Beanie man and dog. He is Robbie and his dog is Frannie. She is a gorgeous little puppy who did blot her copybook by biting Cate – unintentionally of course – but she did bleed a lot. Robbie says Frannie has hade her rabies shots so we are not worried.


  1. Woohooo for being able to drive and go down to the basement - hope you really enjoy both !!
    Sorry to hear about Cate getting bitten - can you sue ? LOL Seriously though - I hope she is fine.
    Have the best day !

  2. You might become a 2 sip screamer, or perhaps, as you predict, collapser. Enjoy. We all await details of what is waiting in the basement

  3. I actually never left and have been living in the basement. So see you soon!

  4. Basement?!?!? You are making progress.

  5. Me: Thanks - I am sure she will live.

    Sandy: I will be vary careful.

    Lenny: Well you have been very quite. Obviously HG is not with you.

    esb: Yes it's a miracle.

  6. Find anything mysterious in the basement ??

  7. Keegan88: Cant see it until the weekend.