Thursday, November 13, 2014

I will send him a Christmas card

I had a scan and also saw my surgeon yesterday.

He explained to me how lucky I was to be alive and showed me pictures of my abscess. It had a diameter of 4.5 cm – this is bigger than a golf ball - Holy Toledo. 

He explained how pleased he was when he got inside my head and saw it  - and drained all the muck out. This apparently is one of his favorite things and gives him a great deal of satisfaction.

My scan was OK and he does not want to see me again. I thanked him for saving my life and said I really hoped I would never see him again professionally.

I said that under Australian tradition if you save a person’s life you own them forever. I promised to pop round and wash his car as soon as I was up to it.

He thinks my headaches are because of the trauma my brain suffered – but he does not really know – he is not interested in much except poking about in brains and said he didn’t really listen to anything in medical school unless it was about brains.

I got his bill a day or so ago – it was for $10,000. This seem to be a bit on the low side for removing a golf ball sized abscess. Perhaps this was just the first part of it.

I bought a filing cabinet from Amazon for my medical bills and when it fills up I will store stuff in boxes in the basement. I am working on a Dewey decimal filing system and may get a motorized wheel chair so I can move easily between sections.

I am still not allowed in the basement. I am not sure why.

I am starting to be allowed to cook and made Mrs. Henderson's famous hotpot yesterday.

Tomorrow  see my infectious diseases doctor. He also saved my life but I am not washing two cars. I will send him a Christmas card.


  1. I'm so relieved to see you feeling better. Lynette and I have worried over you no end and send our best to you and Cate.

  2. So was this an infectious abscess or a run of the mill abscess and you have additional infectious things going on?

    It is super he does not to see you again.

    I would after sucking muck out of your head and then prodding the brain and stapling the scalp a headache or two would be in order, but I am not a doctor. I am an engineer and would have put a bandaid on the whole thing and called it good. Not great, good. Then there would be a recall and bad headlines and such.

    It is Chili time of year.

  3. I think a Christmas card is fantastic. perhaps you can get one of the fancy photo cards and feature a picture then of your brain? I think they would both enjoy something like that. ;) Glad you're feeling better!

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better and even better news that the surgeon doesn't want to see you again ! A huge big YAY for that !
    Have the best day and I hope that your forays down to the basement can start soon.

  5. Quite a few laughs out of this one :P

  6. SK Waller: Thanks - I really am feeling better.

    fmcgmccllc: Ron of the mill - and there is nothing else happening. I am glad the US auto industry does not do brain surgery.

    TNDW: Thanks: I plan on sending pics of my scar.

    Me; Thanks so much.

    Keegan88: Excellent news.

  7. I like your car and card theme. If there is a third physician maybe you could somehow involve a cardinal. Cardinals are quite flexible as they come in bird, baseball, and religious categories of gifts. I rarely see a cardinal bird and neVer the other two. I am off early to work on printing shirts. But I need to make soup first.