Friday, November 14, 2014

It snowed yesterday

So today I saw my infectious diseases doctor. He is very young and I am astonished by the amount he knows at his age. He must have started very early.

He does not want to see me again. This is good news indeed. He says there is no sign of infection and that I can stop the IV stuff on 26 November - so we can go to Washington for Thanksgiving.

We were thinking that we would have to carry the stuff to Washington – but it has to be refrigerated so we would need ice bricks – I shudder to think how we would have gone with the TSA.

No the doctor does no know what caused the problem.

The doctor says there is no reason I cannot drive but Cate says I am not allowed to drive. Cate wins. There is still no date for me to be allowed to visit the basement. I have almost forgotten what is down there and sometimes stand at the top of the basements stairs trying to imagine what it was like.

The cats are allowed down there to visit the litter so I am thinking of attaching webcams to their collars.

Indiana University Hospital has valet parking. I think this is very civilized and is right up there in convenience terms with drive in pharmacies and drive in banking and pre-cooked bacon. 

Beanie man is walking his dog next door. He does this a couple of times a day. Yesterday he was accompanied by another beanie man – who did not have a dog.

It snowed yesterday and is below freezing today. 


  1. Yesterday morning when I opened the door to go out to my car I noticed it was covered in snow. Bright white flakes on a dark red car. Gave me the shivers.

    Personally I hate basements.

  2. Yes, not sure why you would want to go down to the basement. It smells and is full of ghosts. I also hit my head about 8 times down there. Consider yourself lucky.

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  4. Phew! So pleased you're on the mend and eventually will be allowed into the basement (surely?). Is the scar big? Will you need a toupee to cover it? Perhaps you could get a tattoo done around it if you don't want a toupee... I think that's what I'd choose if I should be so unlucky. I wonder if the usual migraines will subside now? Sorry to be so full of questions. Stay well and enjoy Thanksgiving. Maybe after that you'll be able to visit the basement. You have a lot to be thankful for this year... BUT don't eat any yellow snow.

  5. fmc: Winter here makes me glad we have a garage.

    Lenny: You are too tall. The ghosts are friendly.

    Sandy: My scar is about 7 centimeters - it scared me when I saw it. I think I will flaunt it. My sone bought me a T shirt that says 'I had brain surgery - what's your excuse'. I hope that after the medicine etc my migraines will subside.

  6. Oh, I have a garage, we just don't keep the car there.

  7. So glad to hear your recovery is going well - I hope it isn't too long before you can venture into the basement again.
    K was very excited about the first snow in Chicago this weekend - even though it was only 3-4cms deep !!!
    She had great fun building a snowman and making snow angels. I am sure that if her family had been at home they would have been shaking their heads at her excitement but she had a great time. And was even more impressed with her $300 coat that she had bought from The North Face - she only had a T-shirt on underneath and was as warm as toast. Apparently she still needs to invest in 'cuddly duds' - I think that was what she called them - we call them thermals from what I can work out.
    These different languages, while all English, are a tad confusing at times !!!
    Have a great week !