Thursday, November 20, 2014

Only €5 per bad man

Last nite I was allowed to drive. We went to dinner at Black Market in Massachusetts avenue and Cate had two glasses of wine so I drove home. I accomplished this without incident and as a reward Cate let me take the trash, recycling and compost stuff out this morning.

I am also allowed to walk to Shoefly for lunch and take Cate’s dry cleaning into Sparkle cleaners opposite. Walking of course – I am still in training.

Tonite I am making Three Bad Men pasta. This is my own concoction and I was inventing it one nite in Vienna when a woman knocked on the door and said she needed €15 because three bad men were chasing her. She said her mother would bring it back in half an hour.

Well of course I gave it to her – it was only €5 per bad man – and surprisingly her mother never turned up.

It was a bit weird because we were on the top floor in what was supposed to be a secure building. Well it probably would have been except there was a massage parlor on the first floor in our part of the building and an extraordinary number of men with bad backs visited this every day.

The proprietor was Miss Sue – who was Chinese – as were all the masseuses - and we exchanged greetings quite often. She was four feet high and four feet wide but was very pretty and pleasant.

I know so much about this because I walked by it a couple of times each day on the way to and from our apartment.

Anyway – I called my invention Three Bad Men pasta. It has red onion, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes halved, lots of chopped salami and pepperoni and some cilantro – cooked and then as garnish. This is all mixed with penne. I have been known to throw other things in there and sometimes top it with parmesan cheese.


  1. No peperoncini? That would make those Three Bad Guys really hot. ;-)

  2. I enjoyed your story. That is an interesting way to name a recipe. I once named a soup Uncle Ern's World Famous Soup simply because I told someone about it while visiting Brasil.

  3. Sounds very yummy. I make a Mum's World-Famous Smoked Salmon, Mushroom and Feta Risoni, which is a wonder of gastronomy. I also put in handfuls of Basil, dill and other good things - asparagus is in season at the moment, so it went into last week's batch. The story of its naming is nothing like as interesting as that of your penne dish.
    Hope it turns out as it should!

    Is it snowing where you are, I wonder? Winter seems to be in a big damn hurry in some northern parts.

  4. Merisi: Had never heard of peperoncini until now. I am sure they have it here.

    esb: Thanks. I give all my dishes names.

    Alexia: It was brilliant - my best ever. WE seem to have asparagus all year round here.