Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trick or whatever

I really care about our new plants so I have given the cat minder instructions on how to water them. This is really a matter of just turning the timers on so she should be able to accomplish this without difficulty. Winter may well kill the new plants but I would at least like to get them to the first snow so that I don’t have to take all the blame. If they die after that I will be able to say that the frost killed them.
Cate has had a look at the allocated seats on our flights and says that they are awful – and we are not sitting together. She has tried to change them but the flights are all fully booked. At least on the long legs we are traveling business class and as long as I am in there I don’t really care where I sit.
The trip is going to take 26 hours as we have to change planes four times – and have to spend a long time swanning about in airports. This is no fun in America as their business class lounges are awful. The food in the United lounges consists of plastic packets of cheese and crackers. The coffee is execrable. I am trying not to think about the lines for security. I will be wearing pants without a belt and shoes without laces.
I won’t be back for Halloween but Cate will be – and knowing how much she likes to participate in these types of things I have bought her a big bag of candy that she can dispense when the Trick or Treaters come to the door.
If the neighborhood gets really lucky she may dress up in her Abaya – I am sure it will be the first time they have seen one of these in this area.


  1. I am sure you meant Halloween and not Thanksgiving, I can tell this trip is making you just a tad cranky. Tell Cate all the best people put all the candy in a big bowl and set the bowl on the porch, steps whatever and everyone is on their honor to only take one. For this type of neighborhood watch the movie Ordinary People, actually one of my favorite movies. Love, love, love business class---our next flight I believe they are strapping us in under the wing. Yes, hanging under the wing-it is a short flight.

  2. fmcgmccllc: Thanks - I have fixed that. I am a bit wobbly about the trip and trying to get things organized. The bowl on the porch is an excellent idea.

  3. Oh no you poor dears only having access to cheese and crackers in the business lounge. Instead of the usual caviar and champagne whilst getting foot massages and lulled to sleep by a harpsichord. Will you cope?

  4. Why Badger, everyone has seen an abaya. When I was in the Seattle airport last month, one of the vendors had on an abaya, in the airport, she worked there. Everyone saw her!!
    But, if you put the bowl on the porch, you don't get to see the little kids in costume and interact with them, that is half the fun.
    Just hope on your flight they don't turn around after 700 miles and then remove a passenger in handcuffs. This happened to a friend of mine flying back to TN from her honeymoon in Hawaii.
    Wishing you a splendid journey.

  5. This world has gotten too depressing. I remember when people dressed up to travel and there were fabric draperies on the planes' windows and real plates and glasses. I also remember my mom dressing in a hat and gloves to take me shopping.

    Geez, I'm an old fart.

  6. lenny: It will be difficult to deal with. Cate especially likes the Lufthansa lounges where she can get French champagne and pastries. But we will suffer just so we can get to see you.

    Mary Anne Rudolph: Hmmm...there are no too many abayas in Indianapolis - but we have more than our fair share of God-fearing shooters. Children are no Cate's strong suit - I am sure she will opt for the bowl. I hope your friend was not the one in handcuffs.

    SK Waller: My mum also used to do that when we went 'into town' for the day. My first flights were in DC3s just a few years after then end of WW11 but I was always too busy vomiting to notice the plates and glasses. I am an older fart than you!

  7. If people ask Cate what her costume is, she can just say she is a magician. "Magician?!?!?" - their response - and then Cate says, "Abaya - cadabra" hahahahahaha

    I have belts on my shoes - my favorite model of Vibram FiveFingers has velcro straps. Oh, I just realized some of my shorts have strings around the waistline instead of belts. I would could should be alot of fun for security people.

  8. Plus the socks for my Vibrams look like gloves!