Friday, October 4, 2013

No wonder the country is falling to pieces

Perky-Pet Panorama

My bird seed dispenser broke. It was glass - and the top just disintegrated when I unscrewed it from its hanger. This is very disappointing as I paid almost $12 for it. No wonder the country is falling to pieces.
So I have ordered from Amazon the Perky-Pet Panorama bird feeder. This is made from copper and looks much more sturdy. It has had some fabulous reviews from previous buyers. Of course it is a bit more expensive – at $15.19 – but I think it will be worth it.
A major advantage is that you can have up to 10 birds sitting on it simultaneously - and this will be most useful during peak feeding times.
In other news I can report that neither acupuncture nor my faux-massage worked to remediate my migraines. I was expecting nothing from the acupuncture so was not disappointed.
My massage guy specialized in zero balancing which is:
a leading-edge body-mind therapy that uses skilled touch to balance the relationship between body energy and structure to amplify wellness.”
Yeh right.
I had five sessions of this and my balance is now close to zero – but I still have migraines.
So now I am seeing a chiropractor and having deep tissue massage. At this early stage it seems to be doing some good.
All my plants are still alive. 


  1. I have never had migraines but I have had headaches that put you to bed for a couple days. I don't have them any more and I believe this to be a result of positive attitude and maybe some Feng Shui and sheer determination and a bit of medication here and there.

    And a few days in bed or on the couch back in the day. They were brutal.

  2. The Zero Balancing statement needs to be embroideried onto a sweater or something. I haven't had too many headaches in the last month but more congestion than normal, typical Octoberishness. Too busy making trips between home and downtown to The Factory. Got my photoprinter yesterday and ordering an industrial embroidery machine neXt week. The Wifey is already taking orders for a machine we haven't even ordered! So I am going to be veRy busy for a while. No sorry, thats 'busier', not busy.

  3. We finally had to get steel bird feeders. Mostly because of the raccoons who would steal the feeders completely if we got those little wimpy ones you are buying. We do have bear where I live, but so far they have not hung out by the feeders. It will eventually happen I suppose. Steel won't help if up against a bear.
    Sorry about the headaches. Never had a migraine. They say the Mayo Clinic has the best program for those who suffer from migraines. Check them out.

  4. fmcgmccllc: Perhaps Feng Shui is worth a try. I actally head a Feng Shui man when I was opening offices in Jong Kong many years ago.

    esb: Perhaps you can embroider it and sell them. Good luck with the congestion - you must be the busiest man in all of Texas.

    Mary Anne Rudolph: Well I have not seen any bears or raccoons so I think perhaps the new feeder will hold up. I will check out the Mayo.