Thursday, October 3, 2013

He is slightly deranged

I have discovered MSNBC. This is the Liberal equivalent of Fox – so they have endless sessions of conservative-bashing. I spent last night switching between Fox and MSNBC - and laughed out loud on more than one occasion.
My life is so much better since I stopped fretting about politics – both in Australian and America – and accepted it as entertainment.
I think Walter White should be President.
When I was at the vet’s surgery the other day she said that Sissi should have her teeth cleaned – and that she would send me a quote.
This arrived today. It is 2 pages – 26 line items - and the total cost is $1,079.26. Holy Toledo! I will have to step up my stealing from the housekeeping money if Sissi is to have clean teeth. Perhaps for her birthday in April.
Yesterday I had the medical examination for my US residency application. The doctor was very nice and only poked and prodded me a very modest amount. She felt my ankles – and these are apparently OK.
They took lots of blood and then I had to go to the Minute Clinic at the pharmacy to have shots for tetanus and many  other things - of which I am not certain.
A new restaurant has opened just around the corner from us – opposite the Talbott Street GLBT club. We are going to test it on Friday night and may pop into the club later to meet some of our local gays. I met one of our next door ones – Brian – last week. He is slightly deranged - but otherwise appears to be very nice.


  1. You would probably think that I am at least partiaLLy deranged, too! There is only a slight difference between deranged and endangered, perhaps I am both ...

  2. $1,079.26? Holy Toledo! I suppose this includes use of the operating theater and equipment at the Mayo Clinic? ;-) Have you tried to clean Sissi's teeth yourself? Would make a handy sum to transfer out of your household budget without feeling guilty. ;-)

  3. he he he. you're too funny.
    and just wait until you get a quote for your own teeth.

  4. esb: I would think you are one of a kind - so are probably endangered.

    Merisi: I would try to clean Sissi's teeth myself but the hospital bills and blood transfusions would cost more than having the vet do it.

    TNDW: Well I had one crown down for $1,800 - I would hate to have to do anything complicated.

  5. At times I feel all strung out, so maybe 'endangled', with emphasis on the dang, less on the led.