Wednesday, October 9, 2013

She provides a no frills service

A couple of weeks ago I made my first Spanakopita and it was very successful – but Cate said it had too much nutmeg in it. So I thought I would have another go - and it is in the oven as I write.
It contains no nutmeg – but also contains no eggs because I forgot them. I also had an accident with the Filo pastry (which here is Phyllo).
I forgot to take this out of the freezer so popped it into the microwave for sixty seconds – and it turned mushy. I was trying to resurrect it but dropped it on the floor – which sort of finished it off.
Luckily I had some more in the freezer – I always keep some spare because I have a bad track record with Filo pastry – and this time sort of managed to get it somewhere close to where I needed it – but it was a very flaky and had to be layered in pieces.
I am not sure how it will taste. Hopefully it will be OK and I will not have to fess up about the eggs until the event has passed.
I am having difficulty planning Sydney because we have not had our international flights booked – so it is difficult to book the other bits. At this stage it looks like we will leave on 17 October – which coincidentally is the day the USA is likely to go into default – but I am sure this will not make planes fall from the sky.
I will be staying longer than Cate because she has work commitments. This means she will have to look after herself and the cats for a few days until I get back.
I have warned the cats that they can expect very little from Cate and may have to clean their own litter box. She provides a no frills service when I am away but they are both healthy – and perhaps a little overweight – so should survive until I get back. 


  1. You are quite adventurous in the kitchen!
    I never made Spanakopita, but I have a bit of experience with strudel dough (which is the same).
    How to handle frozen fillo pastry gives you the right hint about preventing flaky, i.e. dried-out sheets.

    Hoping all goes well with your travel plans!

  2. Lets hope your cats fair better than the cattle of South Dakota. I am going the "wrong" direction with fattening up for winter time, I may have to buy some smaller clothes soon, but just ever so much smaller, nothing earth shattering. I guess printing and painting are keeping me a little more active now than a stay-at-home puppy rancher and managing an indoor pineapple plantation.

  3. Ah, spinach pie. Emeril has a recipe for spinach triangles instead of pie, I might have to get Big Daddy to make it for me.

  4. Merisi: I have seen you with dough - you are fabulous.

    esb: Well its good if you slim down a bit before winter the you will be able to catch up when it is too cold to go outside.

    fmcgmccllc: I have not tried the triangles yet but will give these a try soon.