Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where else would you buy a vacuum cleaner?

We brought with us to Vienna a Wertheim vacuum cleaner. This is made in Germany and is arguably the worst made vacuum cleaner I have ever had – and there is a lot of competition for this title.

Vacuum cleaners – as far as I can see – are all designed so that the various bits and pieces slide together neatly and stay together while you do one thing – then can be unfastened and then can be quickly replaced while you do another. This is the plan in the design studio.

You can just imagine Helmut demonstrating to Florian how things slide together so cleverly. Yes Helmut– and after you smash them into the wall 2,000 times?

In the case of the Wertheim this harmonious relationship lasted about a month and then the house was filled with the sound of pieces crashing from the vacuum cleaner on to the floor and then having to be hammered back into place. Finally I had to drill holes and put removable bolts through the plastic pieces to keep them in place.

This surprised Mrs Moneypenny when she first set eyes on the Wertheim but she adapted quite well and probably thought it was a uniquely Australian thing.

But – frankly – I dislike the Wertheim intensely.  This dislike has increased with time as is it resides in my ‘dressing room’ – which is next to the cat’s bathroom – I see it many times every day and the dislike has festered.

Time for action. I did some research and this led me to believe that the best vacuum cleaners on the planet are manufactured by Dyson. It was easy to reach this conclusion when I saw how many vacuum cleaners there were available and the high regard in which Dyson is held.

After that is was easy – I needed one for pet hair – and specifically one that will do Reindeer hair - so that narrowed it down to two models - and I chose the quietest one for Monika. It is coming from Amazon Germany. Where else would you buy a vacuum cleaner? 


  1. I have been using a thing called a "Henry" (it has a face painted on the front) which I salvaged from a skip my Hall of Residence was declared redundant. It works well, but I have been considering a Dyson which works on the vortex principle. I hope you and it enjoy a happy relationship.

  2. Finally somebody trustworthy who test runs Dyson's vacuum cleaner!
    Good luck with the delivery! I always pray that the shipments arrive via UPS or the like, not with the Austrian Postal Service. With the later one never knows if they deliver or if they simply sneak a note into your mailbox, telling you to report to their office and pick the parcel up yourself! It was only last week that the following happened at my household:
    The Österreichische Post
    1) delivered one folio-sized book to my door and
    2) dropped the same morning a note in my mailbox,
    advising me that there was an identical, folio-sized book ready to be picked at the post office.
    Why? Because the second shipment (remember: same size, same weight, same book) had been sent as a "letter". It weighed a ton, the same as the "parcel" delivered at my door.

    The lady at the post office looked at me as if I were stupid, what was the hard part in not understanding that two identical shipments cannot be delivered to my door if one of them had been declared a "letter"?

    Well, I am still pondering what would hurt more, dropping the parcel or the letter, each weighing exactly a ton, on my toes.

  3. Maalie: Henry sounds fabulous.

    Merisi: I am surprised that you are surprised at the strangeness of the Austrian postal system. You should understand it by now.

  4. I am currently having a love affair with my new Dyson vacuum cleaner.
    I similarly seethed at and loathed my old Vax.
    My sister, my Mum, my sisters-in-law x 2 waxed lyrical about their Dysons.
    I wondered how a vacuum could be so fabulous.
    Finally, I gave in and paid what I consider a small fortune (my car Clarrie cost $4000 - the Dyson cost $1100 - I've tried sitting on it to take me to the shops).

    I have 3 hairy dogs with white fur and choc. brown carpets - dumb. I just wave the Dyson in the general direction of the carpet and the hair disappears.

    It's pretty ordinary on the hardfloors though.
    And don't use the upholstery attachment on your suede cushions - ahem, it sucks the the pattern right off - true!

    But it's STILL an absolute b*stard to pack away!

  5. I've been wanting a Dyson, but the price tag scares me. That damn pet hair gets everywhere.

  6. freefalling: I bought a special thingy for hard floors.

    Jessica: I bought a DC29. Not so expensive and seems to do the job. Excellent with Reindeer and cat hair.