Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are not praying enough

I am very worried about the state of the planet. I think the technical term for it is Completely Shagged. 

There are more floods, fires, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, tornadoes and the like that I can ever remember. 

I think God is trying to tell us something. I think he has been telling us for some time. We are just ignoring it. 

The real problem is that there is not enough praying going on. Either that or it is praying of the wrong kind. I was always taught that God answers all prayers so clearly we are not praying enough - or we are not praying for the right things.

Now of course one of the major issues is that there are fewer people praying. I personally only know about three people who pray. Almost no Europeans pray. All the people in the Middle east pray – but according to the Pope it is to the wrong God. I am not sure about Africans but I don’t think they are pulling their weight. So it is really left to the Americans.

Hordes of them SAY that they pray – but how many of them REALLY pray. All the politicians say they pray daily for guidance and you can just see how much good that does them. But I honestly suspect that they don’t do much praying at all.

Can you imagine Sarah Palin praying. Can you imagine God gritting his ears as she whines on and on about being President and about the First Dude. What good is that. 

I rather think that ALL the praying in America is left to a relatively small number of people – mainly in the Bible Belt – who are praying their asses off on a daily basis - about the wrong things. 

As usual in America – the load is not being shared. I mean – can you imagine those Fox people or Wall Street people getting down on their knees and asking the Good Lord for something – I mean – what would they ask for? New Cadillacs? Gold leaf in their Starbucks?

So what do you think they people in the Bible belt are praying for? Fewer earthquakes in Japan? Fewer floods in Australia. Give me a break. What they want are fewer Black Muslims in the White House, lower taxes, more guns and compulsory religion for all. 

I think the planet might be on its own on this one. All because you could not be bothered praying. It's YOUR fault. 

In breaking news - an all night sitting of two United Nations Subcommittees has provide a breakthrough. The Brow Furrowing Subcommittee and the Hand Wringing Subcommittee have agreed after strenuous negotiations that both Lamingtons and Iced Vo Vos will be provided at next Thursday’s meeting of the Libyan No-Fly Zone Inaction Committee.


  1. Even in the Bible Belt there are accusation of praying the wrong way or praying to the wrong God/Goddess/Deity/Flying Spaghetti Monster. The conservative nuts hint at the possibility that God is punishing Japan (Glenn Beck) or the environmentalists (Rush Limbaugh), but do nothing by way of directing their hoards of Bible-thumping zombies to something that will actually help.

  2. Lately I am seeing ghosts.
    I could have bet you had an new post up.
    I saw it somewhere in Oklahoma.
    Have I turned into the Witch of the East? ;-)

  3. Jessica: God is punishing us all with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

    Merisi: There was briefly a blog but it vanished into the ether and I had to chase it down and bring it back.