Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It would be Goodnight Vienna!

Ms. Palin is now in Israel. They took offence when she asked them why the killed Custer.

This is part of her plan to beef up her foreign policy credentials for her run at the Presidency. Fortunately  for us it will not work because the only people who hate her more than the Democrats are the people who run the Republican party. Well – it’s not that they hate her so much– it’s just that they know she is Bat Shit crazy and will sink them in the long run if she gets the nomination.

Also her popularity is dropping like a stone and she currently just outpolls Charlie Sheen.

Now what a fine President he would make. But still – If you go to bed totally smashed every night with a huge ball of dope and three Hookers – what harm can you do – apart from a few crazy Tweets.

I mean – George Bush went to bed at 9:00 PM every night with a glass of warm milk and did more damage than a whole army of Charlie Sheens could do.  

I was talking to Melissa tonight and she said that she saw Pete Doherty and an unidentified young lady snogging on the steps next to her apartment today. They were at it for some time and she was of a mind to tell the young lady involved that she really should not be making such a spectacle of herself in public but it was clear that such advice would not be understood or heeded.

Pete has been a role model for me for a long time now.  

I have often looked at him and thought ‘If I ever get like that I will just do a Michael Hutchence and hang myself with my belt over the bedroom door.  It would be Goodnight Vienna!’

Melissa has not let this incident bother her and is feasting on Mexican food with  Neanderthal man.


  1. Maybe we should offer up some collective prayers to advance Ms Palin's campaign?

  2. It was very family friendly Mexican too so they didn't understand why we just wanted more margaritas instead of dessert. But in the end they adjusted to the fact that we were the only people left in the restaurant at 11pm and they offered us a couple of tequila slammers on the house.

  3. If Palin runs (and gets the nomination at the Convention) it just about guarantees and Democratic win.

    However, there is a small little part of my brain that asks "What if?" because we both know there are a fuck load of crazy bastards in this country that love her.