Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are the champions

Gwenyth. Gorgeous.

I’m on a roll here. Yesterday’s blog brought another avalanche of comments so clearly I am doing something right.  Two comments in two days is not to be taken lightly. 

The NSW Government has been moonlighting in China and has apparently been helping them with their road building program.
“BEIJING — A massive traffic jam in north China that stretches for dozens of miles and hit its 10-day mark on Tuesday stems from road construction in Beijing that won't be finished until the middle of next month, an official said.
Bumper-to-bumper gridlock spanning for 60 miles with cars moving little more than a half-mile a day at one point has improved since this weekend, said Zhang Minghai, director of Zhangjiakou city's Traffic Management Bureau general office”. 
Half a mile a day? That sounds like the F3. 
Now THAT is a traffic jam!
‘Hello dear I am running a bit late I will be home in October - put my dinner in the oven’. 
We had this problem (or a somewhat lesser version) on Saturday when we had to go to the dreaded SCS to visit Interio. We got caught in this immense traffic jam and for a moment I thought it was the Annual Ant Census ( but realized that this always happens in October when the ants are less active. 
It was - as we discovered after an hour - just the usual thing of three lanes of traffic being funneled into one. For no apparent purpose. There was no work going on and there were no workmen leaning on shovels and smoking. Just the usual “let’s fuck the motorists senseless’ syndrome. 
This is just something that has to be done so that motorists do not take the roads for granted. It is an international conspiracy. 
I should mention that I have gone blind in my right eye. Just as I went on holidays to Italy I discovered that I could no longer read with my right eye. This is unfortunate because I have never been able to read with my left eye. Which means that unless I have my glasses with me I cannot read anything on my iPhone. If I have my glasses I can read with my left eye only. 
With my left eye I can see the canals on Mars but I cannot read a newspaper. Until recently I could read with my right eye but could not see much into the distance. 
Suddenly my right eye has thrown in the towel and I though it was just a change in my vision because of my age but the glasses people at Neo Optik tell me that my eye is TARFU and that I need to see an eye Doctor. Rozalin will arrange this for me. 
I am guessing it is something sinister caused mainly by Catholics and Republicans but I would not be surprised if Mr Rabbit is behind it. 
So I now have to read and use the computer with my right eye closed. This is a bit of a strain so I propose to get a patch.
And I have a message for you Mr Rabbit. You may blind me but you will not still my tongue or fingers. I will continue to expose you for the Charlatan and Snake Oil salesman that you are!
Incidentally. I had to go to Dr Mordor today for a prescription and while I was waiting I had a go at Ski Jump on my iPhone.  AND - I beat my previous record and got to 140 meters. I checked and for today mine score ranked 441 out of 991 uploaded. The best score was something like 180 meters (probably logged by a 6 year old in Salt Lake City). 
But hey. I am 65, decrepit, blind in one eye - how do I feel! 441 out of 990 ain’t so bad. 
We are the champions!


  1. Half a mile a day? sounds like me jogging

  2. Hope Rozalin can get you to the eye doctor ASAP. Not being able to read comfortably would be a horrendous fate.

    Am sure Sunday's blog (a very unusual event) was the reason for only one comment - MINE!

    We're not holding our breath as snakes and ladders vote count continues.

  3. So sorry to hear about your eye troubles. I hope all clears up and you recover soon.

  4. You know what you said on my blog about people who go blind. But I hope for your sake it is something fixable. And for my sake, in case I ever start blogging again.

  5. If your profile picture is a true representation of Badger a patch should look great. Please remember to update the image once you get the accessory. But seriously, I hope your eye problem can be fixed.

    Regarding traffic: In L.A. where congestion is always a major issue road works are generally done during the night. You drive on the freeway one day, it is bumpy and clearly in need of repair; you get on it the next day and it's all smooth and new. Such midnight magic is not an option in strongly unionized Austria - which is okay too.

  6. Good job I saw the other thing you posted about Gwyneth before you thought better of it and took it down.

  7. Glen: Or my cycling

    Annie and Jessica and Wanderlust: All is well - see blog

    Christina: I would not mind - but when there is a traffic jam there is never anything actually happening.

    viennesewaltz and Parsifal: Well spotted. I thought I may be taking too many liberties with Gs Bs

  8. Half a mile a day? That looks about the distance the cars on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc tunnel were moving as I zipped by them the other day, luckily coming from the French side, where I was about the only one willing to leave France. ;-)