Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Trogs may have landed

Oh look mummy! 
What do you think Mr Rabbit is going to do with the carrot? 
Well darling - I think he may have something special in mind for Labor Party supporters and Atheists. 
We had an election in Australia on the weekend and nobody won.
The shadow of darkness and evil fell across the land on Saturday. Like a shiver looking for a spine to run down Mr Rabbit cast his evil spell and millions of otherwise normal people lost their minds and voted for a party which has policies which make we weep for the future of the country. 
It could be a while before we know who the New Prime Minister will be but in the interim I have had a number of requests from Australian residents for asylum in Austria in the event that Mr Rabbit becomes our new leader.
Although it would be wrong to call someone who will take Australia backwards a leader in the true sense of the word as in some ways he is more antediluvian than John Howard. 
They are both bigots, xenophobes  and misogynists but Mr Rabbit has the added horror of being a Catholic fundamentalist - and there is simply not much worse than this.
It is all so depressing I can’t go on.  
(He is now Mr Abbott because when Ms Gillard says Mr Abbott - that’s what it sounds like).  


  1. You're right. We wait.
    1 Green = pro-Labor
    3 independents (ex-Nationals) in a bloc!
    1 independent in Tassie, whistle-blower on Iraq
    and several undecided seats...

    If Labor can form a government it should mean an end to the spin, the independents wouldn't allow it. Plus a Green-controlled Senate from 1 July 2010.

    There was some talk about people keeping their election parties going until there's a result - it could be next week! Mind-boggling and scary.

  2. I am having a party here that never stops

  3. It is raining outside. Why not party on?