Monday, October 12, 2009

Who wants to see curvy women?

Apparently we may get snow later in the week.

I heard this from Melissa who read it on Rozalin’s Facebook page – so it must be true – because Rozalin knows everything.

This will be the first snow for Sissi and I am looking forward to seeing how she copes. She went outside for about two seconds today but came back in very quickly indeed. It is COLD.

The firewood is ready!

Curvy women have no place on the catwalk, iconic German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying, after a fashion magazine said it was banning skinny models in favour of "real women".

"No one wants to see curvy women," Lagerfeld was quoted as saying on the website of news magazine Focus on Sunday.

"You've got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly," he added.

Oh – nice one Karl! I like this subtle approach from a man who looks like the rear end of a goat – but with sunglasses.

Really Karl – if you want to have any credibility at all you are going to have to stop dressing like an aged, gay Moroccan cocktail waiter and get some decent sunglasses. I know they are your own brand – but they suck!

And take it from me Karl – There are two people and three cats in this house who want to see women with curves (Monika in particular at the moment can’t stand stick-thin women and leaves the room if I am watching the Fashion Channel).

The picture I have included shows the woman who was caught by Karl with his old trick – the exploding Max Factor compact case. He is such a wag! He catches all the new girls.

I have been awarded a PhD by an American University.

I applied on line quoting details from my résumé and after a lengthy evaluation process by the Academic Evaluation Board I received a reply – it took one minute and 12 seconds – I timed it.

My chose field is Public Administration – but I may also get a PhD in Theology to help me with my investigations into the weird world of Creationism.

All I have to do to collect my documents is pay USD 600 (plus another USD 90 for each additional degree).

This is a bit expensive and I may shop about - I am sure I can get a better price than that.

Cate has decided that she needs to get away on the long weekend (26 October) so I have booked a place at Lake Balaton in Hungary – this is about 4 hours drive. It looks nice – but you never know.

The holiday is for Austrian National Day and commemorates the State Treaty restoring national sovereignty and the end of occupation when the last WWII troops left Austria and the passage of the law on permanent neutrality. This happened in 1955.

If you could just take all the holidays people have because the Communists left them you would never have to work.

I was delighted to see that the award of the Nobel Peace prize to President Obama has left Fox, Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, Beck and any number of other right wing whackos – absolutely howlingly, shriekingly livid and foaming at the mouths.

Glenn in particular reminded me of one of those children you see in the supermarket who won't stop crying. Eventually its mother gives it a really good whack and it goes purple while it sucks in enough air to let out a shriek that would scare the stuffing out of a Banshee. I hope he was wearing his Kimbies.

I really don’t know or care whether or not President Obama should have received the prize – but I am delighted by the collateral damage. It has even managed to bring Lord Downer out of his burrow - huffing and puffing into the sunlight and brushing crumbs from his Pince Nez.

“Mr Downer described the decision 'a farce' and said Mr Obama should have refused to accept the prize.

He has been in office for less than nine months when it is announced that he has won the prize, so they would have made the decision a few weeks ago I suppose. It does make the whole system a bit of a farce," he said. Mr Downer says it is a pity Mr Obama did not refuse the award. He says the prize is overtly political and the committee is not equipped to choose the right winner”.

An excellent result all round!

Now if next year they can give it to the Rudster a number of people I dislike intensely will die of Apoplectic Spasms and the world will be a much kinder and quieter place.


  1. I think I'm going to hurl...

    Great post, Badger!

  2. We were in Tihany by Lake Balaton (in Aug) and it was wonderful. Stayed at good place - has hotel rooms and a few apartments a stone's throw from the lake. If you want I could send you some pics of the areas and name of hotel - just let me know! Also know of a good fish restaurant!

  3. Hi Annabella

    I have booked a hotel - but would love to know about the restaurant.