Friday, October 9, 2009

Cows cause Tyrol travel chaos

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Windows. Not the glassy ones – those loads of old rubbish that have been ‘designed’ by Microsoft. Each designed to fix the problems caused by the previous one. Each one finding new ways to be worse than the previous one.

My current issue is the Internet Explorer – and indeed almost everything else – stops working constantly.

I get this message saying ‘Internet Explorer is not responding’. It is apparently too busy doing more important things and has absolutely no interest in my exploring.

My next computer will be a Mac.

We had a fabulous meal at Ein Wiener Salon – almost rendered impossible by smokers. There was a table next door to us with six people – four of them smokers. Behind us there were two more smokers. They smoked non stop for the almost three hours we were there.

It was very, very hot and the smoke and heat gave me an amazing headache.

I had to stuff myself full of pain killers and was subsequently berated by Cate for ‘Conspicuous Yawning’ when we were sitting around talking with L and D.

I am not sure how one can yawn without being conspicuous but to guard against this heinous crime I am going to carry around a Gunny Sack into which I can put my head when a yawn arrives.

It was so bad we really have to think carefully about going to Ein Wiener Salon – even though it is the best restaurant in Wien.

And yes I will eventually do my Restaurant Review.

We had our trip to Melk but I did not go into the Abbey and instead went into the Old Town and the gardens and took some photos. There were no Bees.

There is a website run by barking mad people called WND (World Net Daily). Amongst other things they are running an ‘Impeach Obama’ Campaign and are selling bumper stickers calling on President Obama to produce his birth certificate.

They also have an astonishing collection of some of the weirdest books you will ever see anywhere. Including this one.

The blurb for this one says:

“Millions of people believe in the theory of evolution. This alarming fact is proof of a massive amount of human ignorance. Ray Comfort’s radical book is a call to wake up and think—to consider the theory of evolution and see how this unscientific theory collapses under scrutiny.

Ray Comfort poses 101 Questions to shake believers' blind faith in the theory. Well known evolutionists reveal in their own words the unscientific nature of that in which they have so blindly put their faith. After reading this book, the reader will be in the position to make a well-informed decision about the widely accepted, however poorly proven, theory of evolution”.

More than 40% of Americans believe in Creationism. I am not sure that there is any hope for a country that has that many stupid people on its books.

From the Austrian Times:

“Cows cause Tyrol travel chaos
By Thomas Hochwarter

Train services were cancelled and traffic held up for three hours when a herd of cows strayed onto a motorway and rail tracks in Tyrol on Saturday.

Police in the province’s Schwaz district said today (Mon) the ten animals had got out of a nearby farm and then gone onto the Inntal motorway (A12) and railway tracks near Wiesing.

Officials said the cows were caught after three hours, adding none of them had been injured”

For those unfamiliar with cows the AT has obligingly provided a photo.


  1. you can actually get safari ( mac browser ) for windows. don't know if it would work as well in pc land though... failing that there's firefox which i use purely out of spite for internet explorer...

  2. Good thinking Lenster. I may try that.