Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cate says Monika is fat

Cate tells Monika every day – and night – that she (Monika) is fat. I don’t think this is helpful for Monika’s self esteem. Monika was a complete wreck when she arrived here and it has taken months for her to settle down – and she is still a bit wobbly and can’t always find the Kitty Litter – and if Cate keeps talking to her like this I am afraid that she will have a relapse.

Anyway I don’t think is really fat. She may be a bit plump – especially around the bottom – but that does that matter? I will post a photo soon and you can be the judges.

I would rather have a plump happy cat than a thin nervous one. I mean it’s not As though we are going to enter her in the “Cat of the Year” competition.

So I go around telling Monika that she is not fat and when I pick her up I do not – unlike Cate – say – “Oh Monika you are such a Tub”.

I bet Annabella doesn’t tell Stan and Ollie that they are tubs!

I think I will get Monika a subscription to "The Ample Cat" so that she can see that it is not a crime to be well proportioned.

Incidentally – I do check Annabella’s Blog and there has only ever been one entry – December 2008. Do I detect an astonishing lack of commitment here - or perhaps she runs another one somewhere else but is keeping it a secret.

I also note – while I am in critical mode – that Lenny’s Blog has not been updated since 8 September.


I made L and D my special Wiener Schnitzel last night but it was not as successful as it could have been.

I was cooking outside and it started to rain so water got into the cooking oil and rendered it almost useless. The Schnitzel tasted fine but was not as golden brown as it should have been and the crunchy potatoes were quite pale.

Incidentally – what we call Chips and the Americans call Fries are often called Pommes Frites here. Why is this so. Merisi?

Tonight I am making Hungarian Goulash Soup and hope for a better outcome.

Tomorrow we are off to Melk Abbey (Shriek!). I am not going in and will instead go into the gardens and take pictures. They may have some bees.

Tomorrow night it’s off to Ein Wiener Salon to bask in the glory of Sven’s blissful cooking.

More Cat Haiku from Annie's collection.

There's no dignity
In being sick - which is why
I don't tell you where.


  1. Perhaps the description of Monika should be 'traditionally-built'?
    ...from Alexander McCall Smith's excellent description of the principal of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, which we at No. 66 have thoroughly enjoyed.

    Also, I thought you normally called her Moni, affectionately? If you've gone formal when speaking to her, she probably thinks, "Oh hell, I've done the wrong thing so I may as well make a habit of it".

  2. Fat, schmat!
    Give me a happy cat.
    Lean, mean?
    Everyone eats in Wien!

    (Not Haiku, but oh well.)

  3. Formal is "Monika Rupert" so there should not be a problem there.

    Did Steph write that poetry at the end of an all nighter?

  4. Re Pommes Frites:
    It must have to do with the fact that most Austrians learn French in school! They like to practise what they learned, I guess. My mother used French words like Lavour and Plafond routinely (as do I when I speak German), which she did not pick up during French lessons, but from other fellow Austrians who to this day use words of French origin routinely. There's a historic reason for this, French was one of the languages spoken at court.

    Richard Bright reported in his travel memoirs, "Travels from Vienna through lower Hungary", published in 1818, the following observation:
    "A correct knowledge of French, however, was all which was actually necessary in Vienna: for, besides that it is generally spoken by the court and well understood by all persons of moderate education, there were few strangers to whom it was not familiar." (I better leave out what he said about Viennese German!). ;-)

  5. Actually, I sometimes call Stan "Chubs". He's gotten rather, uh, blobby, and is now shaped like a stegosaurus; complete with a head that appears rather tiny in comparison to his pleasingly plump figure. Ollie is now trim; must be from his eating by scooping out one piece of food at a time, throwing on the floor, and then eating it.

    I am so embarrassed about my blog. I write so many good things in my head while in the shower but they somehow haven't gotten down. I'll try to get something up very soon!!! I'm flattered that you read it - very likely you are the only one who has.

  6. I knew I could count on Merisi!

    Annabella - I think you should send me a photo of Stan and Ollie so that I can compare body shapes with Monika.