Thursday, October 22, 2009

There is no way through that net!

Cat - Istanbul

The Blog has been delayed today because I have been assembling a Reebok Heimtrainer.

This – as you can imagine – has not been an easy task for me as I am challenged by anything from IKEA – let alone things with mechanical and electrical parts – event if it involves just sort of pushing them together and putting screws and bolts in there.

The diagrams showing how to do it were simply microscopic and I actually had to use a magnifying glass.

It is however together. There are no parts left over. The display seems to work. The pedals turn. All these things are encouraging. The next part is to work out how to program it. Can’t wait.

The weather is delightful at the moment and I have been wandering around doing my chores in the sunshine. It is a bit chilly – but just the way I like it.

Wien really is a delightful city spoiled only by dog poo and smokers – but you can’t escape either of these so we have to make do as best we can.

Sissi spent some time on the terrace today staring at the net – thinking about a way out. I have told her it is impenetrable and there is no point in event thinking about it – but she is clearly not convinced. I will make sure she does not see ‘The Great Escape’ if this is on TV.

We have a new cat minder for our weekend away. Nadia Poponova is broadening her horizons and coming to stay with her young son. This is likely to be traumatic for Monika – who is fairly highly strung – so I have put the first floor off limits to the young man so that Monika has somewhere to hide.

If they make Monika unhappy she will punish them in the only way she knows how. I have left lots of paper towels around the house.

Windows 7 has been launched. Apparently Microsoft wants people to pay them for it. I don’t think this is going to work considering that most people (including me) still want a refund for Vista.

There have not as yet been any reports of deaths on the Austrian ski slopes. I think there is a conspiracy to hide these so that tourists don’t get frightened. I will keep a close watch on this because it is most uncharacteristic.


  1. It took us 2 hours to put our bbq together, so I know what you mean about the diagrams. And, shock, horror, there were mistakes in the instructions :-( and, likewise, no parts leftover!

    After their cat drama, our neighbours have installed a cat net around their balcony. It seems to be doing the trick. Pity it doesn't stop the pigeons that live there.

    Some of us never made the move to Vista and probably won't budge until forced.

  2. Have fun in Hungary and I wanted to let you know that neither of us can remember the name of the restaurant! While my husband knows exactly where it is, you likely don't want him to accompany you and lead the way. I shouldn't be surprised as we are both so terrible about remembering names. They only took cash, so we have no receipts, If I find out I will let you know- will ck. Google map and see if we can extrapolate!

  3. Completely agree with you on Vista/Win7. I'm generally disgusted with the whole thing. I'd eventually migrate to Mac, but I've heard horror stories about them as well.

    A child in the house? Bloody 'ell!