Thursday, September 25, 2008

The QM stretches its legs

The QM got into 4th gear for the first time on the way to Wien Flughafen and it was as happy as a horse in sandpit. I gave it the welly a couple of times and sent the speed warning beepers into apoplexy.

Shopping City Sud was a resounding failure and I did not get what I wanted at IKEA. I did get a bunch of glass jars that will be useful for storing a lot of the stuff which I buy from Billa but can’t really identify by sight, smell or taste. As my German develops I will discover what these things are and put them to good use – or not as the case may be.

Last time we went to SCS we inadvertently took the A17 home and this is a slow road which takes forever. I was determined today to take the faster A2 so – when I missed the A2 turn – went way around the block then through a hotel car park until I finally joined the A2 – on which there was a massive traffic jam and it took me 2 hours to get home. I don’t know what the problem was – but suspect a duck detonation.

I have had a message that the SKY-UK satellite dish has been received somewhere in Wien and that someone will contact me soon to install it. Soon does not mean the same in Wien as it does in other places so I am not waiting at the front door.

I got my first International Herald Tribune today but can’t read it yet. It was not delivered until 9.30 - which means that it will be too late for me to read at breakfast. I therefore have to save today’s IHT to read at breakfast tomorrow. This will mean that I am getting the news a day late but as I haven’t read a newspaper for months this is no great burden. I did glance at the front page and saw the news about the Titanic – and they said it was unsinkable!

Not content with stuffing my letter box full of brochures someone actually struggles up to the top floor most days (which is level D – no I don’t know what it means) and hangs a few kilos of brochures from our door handle in a plastic bag. Now that’s commitment. However, they have probably seen that I spend money like a drunken sailor in Rio on New Year’s Eve so their efforts may not be wasted – especially as soon as I can find out what they are selling.

I have been instructed by Cate to get tickets to Mozart’s Requiem which at any given moment is playing in at least 60 venues in Wien. He must have been a landlady’s nightmare that boy because he apparently lived in 13 different places in Wien. I have to get tickets to a specific performance at Karlskirche so will start foraging.

There has been a disaster with Cate’s travel. She was due to go to Thailand next week and this coincided with the furniture delivery. She has had to change the dates and now is scheduled to be in town on the day the furniture arrives. She is of course frantically scouring the internet for other travel opportunities and I think has booked herself into a podiatry conference in Minsk. Who can blame her – I certainly don’t want to be here when the furniture arrives – especially the Nicholas Dattner table.

There are lights in the apartment next door so the girls must be there. But newspapers are no longer being delivered.

Happy birthday today to older brother Burne!

News soon on Cate’s internet connection.

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