Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's getting cool!

All of a sudden it's cool and we could not sit on the terrace this morning for breakfast. Very strange weather indeed.
Homeware Hell was as expected and we bought an enormous pile of stuff including a facsimile of one of the Wright brothers' early machines - on which we will hang our washing. I also bought a basket on wheels so I can carry the shopping home.
We did not stick to the bitumen at Shopping City Sud today but god it was awful. It is said to be the biggest shopping centre in Europe and it is certainly the smokiest.

I rang the Pentagon and told them that Osama bin Laden was hiding in the men's loo in Merkur but it doesn't seem to have prompted them to do anything.
Still no sign of the girls and the papers are piling up on their doorstep. Cate thinks that they have been killed and skinned and are hanging on meat hooks in their apartment - but she can be a bit of a glass half empty person some times. I am being more positive and think they met a couple of cute boys or girls and went home with them.
I tried to get a contract for a Handy (mobile phone) and took along my passport and Meldezettel. The man at drei says I 'heff no chence' until I have been here for three months. I am taking this as positive sign as last time I asked I was told I had to be resident for six months - so I am making progress.

I will try again in a few weeks and if that fails I will just have to get a personal loan so I can get a Reload card.

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