Friday, September 12, 2008

The $6.00 Cappuccino

had a Viennese Cappuccino in Landstrasse this morning and it cost me $6.00 This is a serious price for a cup of coffee - even with an enormous dollop of cream on top and dusted with chocolate. It can't be healthy to drink coffee like that - and have a cigarette at the same time - but it appears to be a long standing Viennese custom.

I had the small one - the large one comes with a defibrillator.

I miss my morning newspaper - especially as we don't have TV so I can't watch the news. So I read the shopping brochures which are stuffed daily into our letterbox. These are very interesting - if incomprehensible - but as they are the only reading material in the apartment I have to make do.

The captions are not always lined up with the pictures so while I can see a Trockenblumenstrasse and a Bienenwachskerzen I am not sure which is which. So they are not much help for shopping expeditions.

The girls in the apartment across the way get a newspaper delivered so I am going to try this. I don't really know where to start so will wait and until I see them outside their door and assault them with my incomprehensible German. I am a bit worried about them as they seem to stay out all night quite a lot. I will not broach this subject during the first meeting.

I spoke to Hans Peter twice today but still no bikes. But he is weakening and promises them for next weekend. Tomorrow we have to go to Homeware Hell at Shopping City Sud to buy a TV stand and lamps.

It is cooling down a bit and I think we can expect no more than 110 degrees tomorrow. This means that our shoes may not stick to the bitumen in the car park like they did last week.

Good news from Christian - the washing machine, dryer and coffee machine are being delivered next Wednesday - after which is going on a holiday to St. Moritz with his mate from Jura.

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