Monday, September 29, 2008

Muffin is gorgeous on white

It was a beautiful day in Wien today - cool and sunny. I took Cate to work at 7.30 and marvelled at being in such a beautiful city. I like watching people scuttling off to work and getting on and off trams when I am on my way home to have a leisurely breakfast over yesterday’s International Herald Tribune. It is important to concentrate when being near trams because they are the only things bigger than the Queen Mary and they are not forgiving. One must also stop when they do - or run the risk of crushing tram passengers who leap onto the road.

Melissa and Henri had another productive day trudging all over Wien and peering through the doors of closed museums. No one likes to open in Wien but museum people are special. They find the stress of weekends such that they need a good break on Monday – and who can blame them. I have been in museums every Sunday since we have been here and it is very wearing.

I had some business cards made today. I have been having some trouble explaining my name and address to the very many people from whom we buy things so decided that I needed card. Unfortunately I am one of the very few people in Wien who is not a Doctor or Professor so expect to receive some rather scornful looks when I hand the card out. The business cards took one hour which must be a record for getting anything done in Wien. Dry cleaning takes four days – but they may send it to Bratislava.

This will be a monster week as on Wednesday the rental furniture leaves and on Thursday our furniture arrives. This is not something we are looking forward to and will have to spend the entire weekend stuffing things into cupboards and the storeroom downstairs. It would have been sensible to get rid of a lot of junk before we left Sydney – but we have never been guilty of that.

I have two blog followers. One is Lenny the Dog and I am not sure about the other – although I have my suspicions. I am not displeased that after a month I can count a dog and an unknown reader among my readers and it gives me encouragement for the next few years. I imagine that this is representative of the readership I could expect of any book I wrote.

Mrs Schrack the furniture rental company owner kindly provided us with white waffle weave bedspreads and pillow slips. Naturally Muffin adores these and spends a lot of time lazing on the bed thinking about how gorgeous she looks on white. We put towels on the bed in the hope that the cats may lie on these but you can imagine how popular they are. Muffin occasionally gets up to inspect the bed to see if there is any part that she had not covered with fur. If she does find a spot she and Bilbo draw straws to see who gets to lie on it.

I spent some time wondering why the Austrians make their large beds with two smallers mattresses and two smaller doonas and thought that perhaps they dislike each other as much as they dislike Auslanders. I realised that larger items are difficult to get into apartments and can’t wait until they have to get two queen size mattresses up the stairs.

Cate still does not have an internet connection and is not happy.

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