Friday, April 3, 2015

Day two

Because we have a three day pass (shriek) Kezza was able to get in early before the seething hordes arrived. She was there with Hansel and Gretel at 6.45 am. I was not - I was allowed to sleep in and recover from day one.

I had a leisurely morning and prepared myself for the evening session. This involved listening to my iPod to try to get 'it's a small world' out of head. In the afternoon we went to the water park at the hotel and then to the big pool. We had lunch at Mimi's or some other place just like it. The children's meals include pancakes, mac and cheese and of course fries. It is the same as the breakfast menu. The Americans invented cornflakes but there is no sign of them here.

I am now suffering badly from coffee withdrawal symptoms and have started drinking the bottled Starbucks frappucinos from our little hotel shop. Yesterday I even had a cup of sludge from a big pot. There is a Starbucks at Disneyland but you would need a horse and a cattle prod to get near it.

The evening session was just like the day session but cooler. I did all the rides and have now been on the teacups twice. We saw the parade with Mickey and Minnie and Donald. I have not seen Huey, Dewey or Louie or even Scrooge McDuck. There is an extraordinary number of fairies and princesses. I am sure these are all pretty but it is hard to tell with the clobber and plastic hair they wear.

Gretel pegged out at about 9 pm so I took her back to the hotel. Kezza and Hanzel stayed for the fireworks and more rides. Today (day three) Kezza and the kids have gone for the morning session. I am rostered on for the evening. I think we have to do 'it's a smal world' again so I am going to need professional help to get the tune out of my brain.




  1. You should call Starbucks to see if they deliver. It would be worth it just to hear their reaction to your request. I found there are seven SB in Anaheim. You deserve a break today.

  2. Parents queue outside Black Toast in Annandale for their coffee hit. It opens at 7 am on Sundays and I'm told there's always a crowd waiting on the pavement.

    Rest of H&G's visit should be a piece of cake if you get through Day 3. I HATE crowds. I refer to dealing with them as having to sharpen my elbows, but, a country girl, I like the idea of a cattle prod.

    BTW, I guess you read about the disgusting greyhound training scandal? And that NSW remains under so-called Liberal leadership, with the former Labor heartland of Balmain staying Green?

    To cap it all off, it's wet and windy for Easter :-(

  3. This sounds like it's above and beyond even doting grandparent duties!
    We took our kids to Disneyland when they were about 9 and 7. We were lucky in that it was not holiday time in California, and we spent 2 very pleasant days, and hardly had to queue much at all.
    Enjoy your break!

  4. I remember Magic Mountain, my eldest loved it so much we allowed her to go on again by herself. I did not enjoy it so much because I wet my pants on the last drop was seemed to be screamingly high. Fortunately everyone was soaked to the skin so it wasn't noticed. We went in September and didn't have to queue for any rides. Now that was magic...

  5. Three days at Disneyland is 2 days too many. Didn't anyone want to go to Knott's Berry Farm?

  6. Esb: I have found coffee at Mimi' across the road and now drunk iced coffee from the hotel shop.

  7. Annie: yes it will be a piece of cake now. I read the SMH every day so am up to speed on all the shit that is happening there.

  8. Alexia: so now I know about spring break. Lesson learned.

  9. Sandy: I was pretty wet most of the time but that was from perspiration.

    Fmcgmccllc: there was no interest in anything except Disneyland.