Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day three

Kezza took the early shift while Badger slept and lazed about. In the afternoon grandad took the kids swimming in the big pool and even had a splash himself.

Then we set off for our final day and started off in the Adventure park. It is a bit of a blur because it was very hot and there were millions of people but we did walk on ropey things and went on the Ferris wheel - mum chickened out. We saw the parade - again and had hotdogs. The hotdogs were really too small to have been separated from their mothers but still cost $6.79. That is a very precise price for a hotdog but they probably have to extra for dwarf hotdogs and buns. The Nathan's hotdogs I have home are much better - and bigger.

My favourite was the milkshake I bought for $4.69. For an extra $5 I could have had commemorative plastic Disneyland cup (value 6 cents).

We lurched over to Disneyland and I went on the teacups again - third time - and 'it's a small world' - second time. We saw the fireworks and after this Gretel disappointed us all by saying she was not tired - so we all stayed another hour.

For some reason the line for Alice in Wonderland was always enormous so we did not get to see it. Of course we could have gone back for a fourth day. Or - more desirably - I could have drowned myself in the pool.

Today we are being picked up by a limo so that Kezza can see the sights of LA. Badger will have a nice rest then a swim and then a long sleep.

Tomorrow it is San Francisco.



  1. I am exhausted just reading this. How are the cats coping without you?

  2. Annie: Not well. Monika is very unhappy and refuses to be consoled.