Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We will have to start over again

Eric the builder is back. We finally got the go ahead for the deck construction. 

The Indianapolis Historical Preservation Commission decided that our new deck did not impact adversely on the fabric of the neighborhood and that Indiana society as a whole was not threatened.

Eric and his assistant are now busy sawing and nailing – in 92° heat – avoiding the birds dropping from the sky.

Dave the air con man is making another visit today. He says that today – yes really today – he will fix the air con so that it works upstairs.

I have heard all this before – although he assures me that the new dampers have arrived from Ouagadougou.  I have no idea what a damper is but I will be pleased to see them.

I am about to attempt to install cat doors in the door to the upstairs balcony and the door to the basement. The upstairs balcony so that the cats can get out to sit in the sun and admire the squirrels – the basement door so that we can keep the door closed but the cats can still get to their litter.

The doors concerned are 1 ½ inch think and solid. I have purchased a jigsaw. I am feeling very confident about this – given my previous experience in cat door building in Vienna.

The real problem will be teaching Monika how to use the cat door. She was a total and completely frustrating  failure in Vienna so we will have to start all over again.


  1. Pictures of the cat doors please.

  2. Did you ask the preservation committee about the cat doors?

    I am trying to stay busy today, in post-Fargo-tum depression. I came back home to spend some time with Cooper, as in nap. We made the fire department representative happy with our designs, so I am looking forward to seeing how many shirts we actuaLLy seLL.

  3. fmcgmccllc: I will certainly post those - unless the goats intrude.

    esb: I am not telling them about the cat doors. I will start to watch Fargo soon. Did you see there is a new series of Longmire - the first episode is pretty sill though.

  4. But the goat pics would be the best.

  5. fmcgmccllc: Oh I hope I do not have a goat thing.

  6. Yes, Longmire just happens to be the only thing I watch on teleBision at the moment. I have traveled enough of New Mexico, and a lot of it more than once, so I am thinking that soon I wiLL see a scene and recognize where it is. I follow it closely but stiLL get conk-fused every once in a while and go "WhAt jusT haPPeneD?!?" The main actor is an Aussie!