Saturday, June 7, 2014

The gummy bears saved our lives

At one stage on our ride from Uddevalla to Ellos we were in extremis. We could go no further without sustenance. What they don't tell you is that between towns in Western Sweden there is - nothing. We took lots of water so did not get dehydrated - but food was another matter entirely.

So we stopped and were discussing whether we should eat our shoes or our saddle bags. Cate remembered that she had an apple and six gummy bears in the bottom of her bag.These saved our lives.

Yesterday we did the return trip. It was horrendous - but not as bad as the first trip. We did not get lost so did the trip in 7.5 hours instead of 9 hours. We arrived completely knackered and committed to never doing anything like this again.

Our next trip will be a bike and barge one - where all the stages are flat.

So we have finished the cycling trip. We did three stages out of a possible five. We are do not feel unfulfilled. We are happy to have survived. There were some critical moments when we thought we would have to call Swedish cycling and tell them what wimps we were - and ask to be rescued.

The west coast of Sweden is very beautiful - and best viewed from a Volvo.

Cate has decided to go to Berlin for a conference so I am going home alone. As we are paying for ourselves we are traveling economy. But we have gold and silver membership of the United Club so can travel premium economy. This apparently gives us an extra 3 inches of leg room. Whoopee!


  1. Just think, if you had done the whole thing on a unicycle you could have been unifulfilled. As a child I used to ride aLL over Spearfish SD and now my cousin moved there and does that for me. I hope to be there some time soon again.

  2. 3 inches is just that, 3 inches. Where are those inches, hip--feet--or God forbid, stomach to tray.

  3. esb: We would love to ride in Indy but it is too dangerous - and the roads are terrible.

    SK Waller: Thanks a bunch

    fmcgmccllc: I have big knees! I need every inch of that space.