Monday, June 30, 2014

I have some ideas

Swedish cow
Tomorrow we are going to Lake Placid for a brief sojourn with Cate’s brother and his wife. We will be there for 4 July so will miss the knees up in the apartments next door. Last year this went to 4:00 AM.

We did not get out of bed to look but it sounded like they finished the night by throwing each other through the front windows of the apartment block.

I am sure they will have fireworks and patriotic songs at Lake Placid so we will be able to enter into the spirit of things.

The back deck has been finished. We had hoped that we had made it cat proof but – and it took her some time – Monika has found that she can jump down from the gate onto the steps – and then into the garden.

We cannot sit out there and relax if we constantly have to watch the cats. Further thought is required as to how I can make escape impossible. I have a number of ideas including pigeon spikes and an electric fence.


  1. I think at least a leash might work. That reminds me that my good friend Elisa has two cats.

  2. You've been there a year already??
    Blimey time flies when you and the cats are having fun!

  3. esb: My cats are not smart enough to deal with leashes. They would strangle themselves.

    Alexia: Yep - a year and more. Time does indeed whizz by.

  4. I made my back deck into a giant cat cage using a special cat netting which I got online here in Australia.
    There might be something similar over there I suppose. My daughter's cat wears a harness attached to a rope line and cannot understand the concept of following the same way in as out so inevitably gets hooked on the clothesline or garden stakes.

  5. Sandy: There is only one spot where they can get out. I am sure I can plug it up.