Monday, September 30, 2013

Walt could learn from the Blue Jays

I have been too busy to blog as I have been catching up with Breaking Bad so that I could watch the final episode last night – which I did.
I found the ending to be entirely satisfactory and all the chickens came home to an appropriate roost. I am guessing that Baby Blue will be biggest selling single on iTunes for the next few days. Badfinger will be pleased.
I just don’t know what to say about Breaking Bad. It is certainly in my all time top 5 – and is quite possibly Number 1. I will need to think about this for a while.
Bryan Cranston was just mesmerizing as Walt – and the badder he got – the better he was – if you get my meaning. 
The photo shows our Hicks Yews installed. I have set up a trickle watering system so that they will get a good start. This is as much as we are going to do this year and will have another look next Spring.
JoAnn our gardening person says that the squirrels have vanished because there is a hawk-like critter in the area. This would be the Buzzard who ate one of my Northern Cardinals last week. She says the Blue Jays warn the squirrels. Isn’t that nice. Walt could learn something from them.
Cate is back from Europe tonight and I have washed her car and made her favourite Thai Chicken soup. The ironing is up to date. She will be pleased.


  1. I was going to have chicken noodle soup for breakfast, but then I remembered the leftover chicken spaghetti, mashed potatoes and corn, mmmmm ....

  2. As a chemist who lost his job that he loved, I can understand what it is like to have your lab taken away, your creative playground disappear. I have replaced those toys with other things almost as fun in entirely different endevours, but it has taken a lot of time. It was great fun tonight as I helped my son with his college homework in computer science as we tackled Assembler together.

  3. Yews look nice. That is hilarious about the Blue Jays warning the squirrels, the Jays are considered as much of a pest here as the squirrels.

  4. esb: chicken spaghetti? I thought Assembler was an ancient language that n no one used anymore.

    1. For some reason they stiLL teach it. I think it is used to optimize time-critical pieces of code, maybe cases like device drivers, super computers, et al.