Monday, September 2, 2013

Birds were dropping from the skies

On Saturday we went to Columbus – Indiana not Ohio – to see the architecture. According to the blurb on the Indianapolis Museum of Art site:
“Today, Columbus is ranked sixth in the nation by the American Institute of Architects for architectural innovation and design. National Geographic Traveler ranked Columbus as America’s most significant historic place on the strength of its architectural heritage. There are more than 70 buildings by noted modern architects—such as I. M. Pei, Cesar Pelli, Robert Venturi, Richard Meier, John Carl Warnecke and Harry Weese—in the city, as well as public art works by internationally renowned architects and artists.”
We did not see anything close up because the temperature when we arrived was 98° and birds were dropping from the skies – but we drove around and made note of the things we would like to see when we go back.
We also visited Nashville – Indiana not Tennessee - which is a little town so arty and crafty that it brought me out in a rash. There are more antique and craft shops that I have ever seen in the one spot and the place was heaving with a seething mass of sweating humanity. We did not stay long.
We stayed overnight at Tipton Lakes in the Marriott - which had the worst television reception I have ever seen in a hotel anywhere on the planet – and this is a big call. Not that we wanted to watch television – but we were interested in the reaction to President Obama’s decision about Syria.
We learned that one should not expect much from an ‘Italian’ restaurant in Columbus, Indiana – but they did have espresso coffee which made up partially for the muck they served as dinner.
Today is Labor Day and Cate is cooking Australian lamb for dinner. It is nice to be able to get lamb at a reasonable price after our years in the lamb wilderness in Vienna.


  1. I have a sister in the Nashville area, TN, so you may or may not have seen her. I caLLed her from near the top of a mountain whose name is spelled almost the same as hers during my recent trip. Of course I rode in a vehicle, I think to about 6000 feet.

  2. "Lamb wilderness in Vienna"?
    I beg to differ! Lamb from New Zealand, from the Austrian Alps, organic lamb - different selection in any supermarket. Well, except "your" Spar! ;-) You lived within walking distance of Naschmarkt, though, several butchers there have a great selection of lamb meat.

    You make me feel as if I were a real Viennese, ready to defend my city! ;-)

  3. esb: I did not see her - but I was not really looking. We have been to Mt Rainier and Mt Hood and we did not see you either.

    Merisi: Of course what I meant to say was 'lamb at a reasonable price'. There is lots of lamb if you want to break the bank.

  4. You must go to Nashville, Tennessee and eat at the Capitol Grille, it is a hoot. As I recall there is not a lot to see and do in Indiana, that is why most people travel out of town. Indy does have cheap airfare almost anywhere.