Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's right up there

We have opened all our boxes and were missing a few things – the major ones being Cate’s collection of winter hats – gathered from all over Europe.
We searched everywhere for these and I finally found them where she had put them – in a suitcase.
The only things missing now are my kitchen aprons. I have no idea where they could be – and perhaps I left them hanging up in Vienna.
As you can imagine – these were very stylish (as shown in the photo) – and I will need to replace them as I am doing a lot of cooking.  Amazon here we come.
I discovered an anomaly with Amazon in the USA – if you buy from them and they do not have a warehouse in your State – then you do not pay State sales tax. It works out that I can buy things from Amazon even more cheaply that I can from Costco.
They are apparently working on closing this loophole – but in the meantime….
Tomorrow Cate goes to Europe for a week or so for business and while she is in Paris she will visit my daughter Molly who is about to have a baby.
This will add to my collection of grandchildren – I will then have three grandchildren by two daughters and I am only waiting on my son Lenny and his partner Carmenchita to give me a full set.
I have a busy week planned when Cate is away. I have the back deck to paint and two seasons of Breaking Bad to watch – followed by two seasons of Dexter.
Cate does not like either of these shows. I think Breaking Bad is one of the top five of all time. For me it’s right up there with the Sopranos and Deadwood. 


  1. Williams Sonoma has great aprons (alright, just kidding, this particular model may not be your favourite style).

    Here's my favorite, -> they are heavy duty twill, and look good even after years of use.

  2. Merisi: They look lovely - I will get some immediately!

  3. These are the only aprons I'm wearing, simply perfect. Do you have a Williams Sonoma store in the area?

  4. Yes, you got a W-S store, lucky you!
    I cherish their coeur à la crème molds. Much to my surprise I am unable to find these molds around here. They look at me like I a asking for the moon. ;-)
    I still use the long thin French wooden rolling pin I bought there on the recommendation of Julia Child. And Cuisinart food processor, still going strong after all those years.