Thursday, August 22, 2013

We do expect to be punished

This weekend we are having our first weekend away since we got to America. We are going to Saugatuck near Lake Michigan where we will stay at the Kingsley House.  

I am looking forward to my American breakfast of bacon and eggs, hash browns, grits, waffles, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and cinnamon bagels. I am taking my bucket and spade.

We don’t like our cat minder – who was provided by the Cat Nanny.  We both agree that she is creepy. However – as she is the only one who responded we are stuck with her for this time away.

She does have two cats of her own and has been working for the Cat Nanny for some months – so we are sure that the cats will survive the ordeal.

We do expect that they will be unhappy even though we will be gone for only two days – and we do expect to be punished for this heinous act. This punishment will most certainly involve the carpet and rugs and could take a variety of forms – none pleasant. 


  1. It might help to run a credit check on pet sitters ....

  2. Have you tried to introduce yourself to the neighbors? There must be some work-willing teenagers around. Neighborhood kids are usually the best helpers, and you know where they are coming from.

    One of our kids owned fish for many years. One by one, they left the aquarium to go to a better place, until only one was left. That one had to be fish-sat every summer when we were away. Long story, short version: one fine summer the lone survivor had had it and went belly up. Our sitting called us in panic, in Europe, and we had to console her (careful not so say "finally"). When we came back home, we discovered that the sitter had thoughfully placed the fish in the freezer. Proper interment in the backyard followed.

    1. I went to Canada on a fishing trip and caught -nothing- at about age fifteen while living in South Dakota. When I came home after a week I discovered an aquarium soup where everything died and the water level was maybe half.

  3. Ah yes, the punishment always follows. Have a marvelous time in our playground state and enjoy the beauty.

  4. esb: Which reminds me - I must run a credit check on us to see if we exist yet.

    Merisi: The next door kids are a bit too small - but it won't be long.

    fmcgmccllc: Thanks

    esb: I have also done that to fish

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