Friday, August 9, 2013

Today's good news

My risotto failed. I put too much lemon juice in it and it killed all the other flavors. Cate said that it was perfectly cooked. This is code for ‘it was rubbish’. We were all very disappointed.

We do not have a garden yet. We have a large expanse of what is supposed to be a lawn but is in fact a loose and sparse collection of tufts of grass - which also used to be infested with broad leafed weeds.

A young man comes every week to mow it – with a large mower.  It is too rough and patchy for a normal mower. It has also been subjected to two doses of ‘weed and feed’ so most of the weeds have died – leaving patches of bare earth.

We are not sure what we are going to do about this yet but would like to have lots of trees and shrubs – and no grass. We will have to pick hardy local trees and plants because the summers are very hot and dry – there was a drought last year – and the winters are very cold.

So far I have identified only three types of birds. But I do now have a ‘Birds of Indiana’ book so hope to improve on this number.

Today’s good news is that our bedroom shutters will finally be delivered and installed on Monday. We can then get rid of the temporary paper blinds that have been protecting us from the neighbors – and vice versa.


  1. They have people here called Master Gardeners that are educated by the taxpayers and available at no cost to help you with your lawn and garden, I am sure they must have them in Indiana. Try the county exchange program.

    Risotto is a crap shoot if you are not a pro, just keep on stirring.

  2. fmcgmccllc: Thanks for that information - I will check it out. My risotto was actually OK - it was just the lemon that spoiled it.