Thursday, August 8, 2013

I could spend days there

The Washington Post – to which we have a digital subscription – has been bought by Jeff Bezos. This is probably a good thing as it has been on a slippery financial slope for a while and it would be a shame to lose such a good newspaper.

We are fortunate that it was not acquired by someone like Rupert Murdoch - whereupon it would have become another right wing rag and not worthwhile reading.

We have now found – we think – all of the good food stores in Indianapolis.

Our first major find was Whole Foods – which we thought was terrific – with a wonderful range of fresh food and a vast array of groceries. We are still amazed by stores like this after five years in Vienna where almost no stores have an equivalent range – and are of course much more expensive. We will not even talk about my local Spar in Vienna - which was pitiful.

But then we found The Fresh Market which is even better than Whole Foods and is my new favorite place in Indianapolis – I could spend days there. This is only 30 blocks away – which is close for Indianapolis – being just 4.3 miles.

Next door to this is Locally Grown which sells fresh fruit and vegetables from Indiana and surrounding states.

This bounty has inspired me to become more adventurous with my cooking and I am scouring my collection of cookbooks for inspiration. But tonite is Risotto again – to make sure my last attempt was not a fluke. This is a special request from Cate – I hope I can live up to her expectations


  1. I checked Olive Garden's menu, and I couldn't find a risotto on it.

  2. esb: I have around a few Italian restaurants that do not have risotto. Apparently it is not popular in the mid west.

  3. Big Daddy loves risotto. So glad you found some grocery happiness.

  4. fmcgmccllc: It is not happiness - it is bliss