Friday, December 14, 2012

Will we mention the dog?

Schönbrunn Duck

I heard a shriek of delight from Cate’s study a few days ago and thought ‘Uh Oh I have another speeding ticket’.

And indeed Rozalin had sent a speeding fine to Cate by email with the note that it was for 4 December – when Cate was in Moscow – so had a perfect alibi.

My crests fell until I examined the fine forensically and discovered that it was in fact for 4 November – when were in  Styria – and Cate was driving.

I know this for a fact because she will not let me drive outside Vienna because she says I frighten her. I am not sure why – I am a very careful and sedate driver – whereas she drives like a screaming banshee - and scares the bejesus out of me.

However – I am not sure what the score is now in the speeding fine department but I do know she is ahead – probably by two.  I have been a lot more careful lately – and I also now know where the police and cameras are likely to be located.

We do not have many Christmas presents to buy but of course we have left it to the busiest Saturday of the year so will have to line up for hours tomorrow.

The Katzenjammers have invited us over for drinks tomorrow night so we will finally find out about them. I wonder if we will mention to them that their dogs barks all day and have they noticed? Probably not. 


  1. You to Neighbors: "This wine is exquisite! By the way, I really believe you should enroll your amazing dogs in a public speaking course. They're so gifted and they genuinely LOVE being heard. Why, they often go on ALL DAY!"


  2. I laughed when I saw your use of the word 'bejesus' - it reminded me of the teleBision commercial where there is a guy driving (I think) a Ford reaLLy fast and the passenger is wearing a helmet but the stunt driver is not.

  3. Charlotte has changed me from a very careful, law-abiding driver to a banshee as well. I speed, I scream, I lay on the horn, I run red lights. I am not proud, but if I do not do these things, I will probably die because of everyone else on the road.

    Bet you're excited to visit and have me drive you around town!!

  4. Your reaction to Cate's driving reminds me strongly to that of Dot, maid and personal assistant to the wonderful Phryne Fisher (series of books by Kerry Greenwood + ABC TV series starring Essie Davis). She holds on tight, closes her eyes and prays her way round her rosary! The Hon. Miss Phryne Fisher drives her bright red Hispano Suiza extraordinarily fast...

  5. Just wondering whether you made it back home from the KJ! ;-)

  6. SK Waller: I could just let them open the door and throw Sissi in. She would take care of the dog in a matter of seconds.

    esb; Not sure why it popped into my head.

    smedette: I remember years ago to were too frightened to drive - my how you've grown.

    Annie: I do all that except pray.

    Merisi: Home safely - and very soon. When they said a drink they meant it.

  7. I saw the speed camera van too late but not sure if it was doing the other side of the road. A waiting game for me now, she who rarely speeds and it would be my first speeding ticket in 35yrs of driving. Bugger.

    I told my neighbours their dog barks when they're not home. She said it wouldn't be her dog but the other neighbour's dog who immitates his bark. My saying I could see him barking cut not ice with her. We no longer speak. Enjoy your dinner though.

  8. Sandy: People are funny about dogs. I hope you missed out on the fine.