Monday, December 17, 2012

She could be a bunny boiler

Spot the cat

Well the Katzenjammers were not kidding when they invited us over for a drink. We each had a single Caipiroska and we lingered over this for a while – I sucked my lime wedges and my ice to keep it going as long as I could.

After an awkward silence – after I had crunched the remaining sliver of ice -  they asked us if there was anything else that we would like – and we took our cue and bolted.

And we did not mention the dog. Frau Katzenjammer has all the indications of being a bunny boiler so I thought it best if we did not broach the subject.

In truth it does not bother us except when we go outside the apartment into our foyer – when it always barks – but we cannot hear it inside our apartment.

The 12 December was the official start of Christmas tree  selling season – yes the Austrians have an official day for everything -  so on Sunday we went up to our local park to buy a tree from the same farmers who are there every year – and who even remember us.

We bought a much smaller one that last year – but it was still a struggle to get it home and up four flights of stairs.

However – it is now in place – the Christmas decorations and paraphernalia are all over the house – and we are ready for the big day.

There was a golf tournament in Australia last week and they showed it here on TV.  Nowhere else in the world would you see what is a very common sight in Australia – a wallaby on a golf course. 


  1. I guess I probably don't know what a bunny boiler is.

    I don't have Chrismas trees in my house. The house where I lived far away in the Black Hills of South Dakota as child from about age 11 to 15 didn't have any trees immediately around it, but now decades later you can barely see the house for the trees. Its like a Christmas tree ate the house.

  2. Guess I'm thick because I don't get the bunny bit. I do, however, LOVE kitty peeking from her bed!

  3. Anytime someone actually goes to the trouble of making a cocktail and serving just one, it is time for alarms to start sounding. Making a cocktail is different than opening beers or a split of wine, it imparts a sense of camaraderie. Did you by any chance get a look at the cookware?

  4. you do see wallabies playing Union though..

  5. I don't understand one drink. There's always the other half...

  6. esb: You are welcome to share our tree.

    SK Waller: Have you googles it? That is Monika.

    fmcgmccllc: I wasn't game to go into the kitchen - that is where the knives are.

    Simon: an 15 at a time

    Annie: OK we got one each.

  7. There was a pigeon on a football ground in some game in US yesterday apparently; but maybe we were the only country who had it on our news...