Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monika is concerned

Vienna yesterday

We in Vienna are – of course – immensely excited about the impending royal birth.

Monika – being a mother herself – is particularly concerned about the health of the mother-to-be because she also went through some trials with Sissi and her siblings.

Sissi has not shown a great deal of interest so far and is concerned only that this bumps her one place further down the line of accession for the throne.

I have told her that there is almost no chance of her being Queen – although I think she would stand a better than even chance of being a NSW Labor politician.

There was very little point in watching UK TV yesterday as – really – there was nothing else for them to talk about.

The usual mass hysteria kicked in and even the BBC devoted almost all of its news programs to the royal pregnancy.

There was of course immense speculation about the nature of the illness of the Duchess (hyperemesis gravidarum) - the possibility for twins (increased likelihood with HG)  and of course – the names.

UK bookmakers are now taking bets on all the possibilities.

The most popular picks so far are George, Victoria and Elizabeth although someone has backed Chardonnay at 1,000 to 1.

That is a real long shot – unless the Beckams get involved – in which case the name could be something like Whisper Flapdoodle Geronimo Manifold Hawkspindle Windsor.

Sometimes I think we have totally lost our grip on reality.  


  1. I would hate knowing that everyone is discussing how many times a day I vomit.

  2. I kinda like, no loVe, your "Whisper Flapdoodle Geronimo Manifold Hawkspindle Windsor". It is Hmm.. Poetic, the near symmetry, with the W words 1&6 at the beginning and end, and both end with R, then words 2&3 have double O's, oh, and then words 4&5 have the mirrored ld<->dl AND ni<->in, AND words 2&5 end with dle, I mean, just WOW, layer upon layer, I can teLL you put alot of work into that choice. I hope someone royalish is reading your blog.

  3. Don't worry. The baby fever is here in OZ also. Two presenters on 2DayFM are in the news for impersonating QEII and Charles and ringing the hospital where Catherine is. And they've copped a good serve as a result. How tasteless!

    Love the idea of puss in politics :-)

  4. fmcgmccllc: The downside of being a member of the 'royal' family

    esb: Thanks. I doubt that my blog has penetrated the royal family.

    Annie: We have about 7 months to go before the fun REALLY starts.

  5. Sandy: Yes of course I meant always.