Monday, December 10, 2012

Stand up and be counted

More snow over the weekend and as I write it is snowing lightly – but the sun is shining.

Even after four years I have still not gotten used to it being dark so early when it is overcast or raining or snowing in winter.

It does not bother me much but I can imagine how it makes the Austrians – and of course Europeans generally – a bit unhappy.  Many of them will be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark – which cannot be much fun.

It also explains why Spring makes them so happy. As soon as Spring arrives they go berserk and plant flowers everywhere.  This is as happy as Austrians get - unless they beat Germany at football.  

Today’s pic is from our terrace this morning when it stopped snowing briefly.

For those downtrodden atheists unable to cope with being buried under an avalanche of religion at this time of the year – you can stand up to be counted.

The Atheist Alliance International is conducting a global census. Why I do not know – but I have registered anyway.

If you would like to participate go here - but you may have to wait a while.

The site was attacked and is out of action for the time being – but I am praying it will be back on line soon.


  1. Oh hell, Merry Christmas and I'll throw in a Happy New Year. Although I must admit the Austrians and Germans do seem to be kinda morose on a regular basis. Unless they are drinking the bier. Learned that word in crossword puzzles. I wish for you some snow, a crackling fire and a snuggly sofa time watching A Christmas Carol, 1951, starring Alistair Sim.

  2. I believe in Shetland where the sun don't shine in winter, people do get very depressed and they use a "sun Box" which is a yellow light that they put in the living room which imitates the suns rays so you can get a dose of vitamin D. Its the lack of Vitamin D which causes depression..

    So there you go!

  3. No lack of sunlight here in Qld, even when it's been raining. Love your view...

  4. I know that lack of vitamin B-12 is a serious issue in people, especiaLLy as they age, with depression being a symptom. There are some things I look forward to in winter. I have a stronger desire for soups as it gets colder, which is fun and creative. Mmm, and blueberry pancakes with sausage and eggs. Working in a store with an endless loop of holiday songs can be rather annoying, especiaLLy when it is the same lousy singer doing RTRNRD for the fourth time in less than four hours. You seek out the quieter zones of the building, avoiding any reindeer games.

  5. Merisi: Nice article. There are some people I do not believe in.

    fmcgmccllc: Hmmm... I don't remember the Alistair Sim movie. I will see if it is available on Amazon.

    Simon: Perhaps I should get one for our apartment!

    Sandy: No - and no one ever gets depressed in QLD!

    esb: Right on. I am just about to start my winter soup program!

  6. I bought a butternut squash soup in a box that I am anxious to try. I had a complete holiday meal today eXcept I made the broccoli rice casserole wrong. I had saved some of my oyster dressing and cranberry salad in a frozen state, so by using deli turkey it wound up not taking too long to make the corn, gravy, and baked potato to go along with them. When I saved the dressing from Thanksgiving I made sure to save it as separate meal sized chunks yet still close together in one package to minimize freezer burn.

  7. I miss the dreary, cold days of Autumn and Winter.

    But, I'm weird like that.

    It's still 72F (22C) here. Bees are buzzing outside my window.

    The South gets stranger by the day.