Thursday, January 5, 2012

We have seen the Northern Lights

Northern Norway
Today we visited Tromso which is the most northerly something in the world. They did tell us what but I have forgotten. Everything up here is the northern most something.

Last night we stayed up late so that Gwenyth could beat me at Yahtzee and had to do this in the bar because that was the only place we could get a drink.

The only white wine we could get was the Hurtigruten house wine which was Portuguese and had a frisson of Avgas about it but was otherwise acceptable – and was half the price of the wine we normally drink.

The downside was that there was a two-piece band that played prehistoric music (quite well as it happens) but who dressed like they were out of the Rocky Horror musical and the woman looked like she had been hung out to dry in a wind tunnel before coming to work.

After this we went on deck where it was freezing and windy but miraculously after about half an hour – at about 11:30 PM – the Northern Lights appeared directly in front of us.

It was not a magical display but it was wonderful to see them at last. I put my flask full of Jameson to use and we stayed on deck for about an hour watching the lights flickering in the distant sky.

The days are very short now and there is almost no real daylight but there is enough light to see the ethereally beautiful scenery. It is impossible to describe and my limited internet access does not allow me to put any photos on Picasa but I will do this when I get back.

This morning after breakfast we had a nearly full moon which added its own magical light to the scenery.

Northern Lights (Wikipedia)


  1. The city is home to the world's most northerly university and also houses the most northerly brewery, botanical garden and planetarium. It is temporarily home to the northern most Badger.

  2. I guess there is always going to be somewhere that is the most northern / southern of everything - it is just whether you get there to check it out !

    Love the pictures - what an amazing sight - now I really am jealous.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip !

  3. Is it possible to cross something off someone else's bucket list? By six degrees of separation etc because I would love to see them and you're the closest thing it. I can't wait to see your photos so I can really live vicariously, wait! I think I'm already doing that. I may be delirious, probably how you feel after drinking all that Avgas.

  4. Now that is something I really envy. I have seen the southern lights, but they tend to be far less spectacular. This would be near the top of my bucket list, if I had one.

  5. That picture made me very happy.

  6. You really do get to do some of the most extraordinary things. I really love watching it and truly appreciate how your sense of humor comes in handy whenever the foo fairy visits. Good luck on the rest of your journey.

  7. esb: LOL

    Me: Getting northerly by the day. Thanks

    Sandy: I have made ante of the name of that to avoid it forever. I will post my Picasa pics ASAP

    Alexia: These were no SO special - but it was nice to see them.

    fmcgmccllc: I am pleased about that

    SymbioticLife: Thanks - so far so good

    angiv: Yay indeed. Very special to see them

  8. What an amazing picture of the northern lights. Is there any place you haven't visited?

  9. Wanderlust: Olathe Kansas springs to mind.

  10. Can you upload your northern lights photos?

    In case, you're seeing a lot of clicks from Singapore. You can be sure that they are from me.

    I like reading your opinion on the Austria news, creationism (or Darwinism), USA and Australia politics.

  11. I miss Macau: I am sorry to say we did not get any photos os the lights. They were just not bright enough. I don'y write about politics or religion much these s days as it makes people too unhappy - but thanks for all your visits.